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EFT is a powerful tool for identifying and overcoming the business fears—especially the fear of rejection!

Overcoming the fear of failure isn’t easy. You care about your clients. You care what people think. You don’t want to let people down—not your clients, not your family and not yourself.

As you are building up your confidence in your swiss army knife of skill sets, there are inevitably doing to be times when you are feeling a little freaked out. And when that happens, try doing a little EFT to tap through the worry, doubt and fear that is messing with your energy. 

This technique will help you process your emotions, put them into words and formulate a logical action plan—backed by high vibe self-belief—to move through this temporary fear-induced freakout and get back to being the badass boss that you are!  

EFT is a powerful tool for identifying and overcoming the business fears—especially the fear of rejection!


New to EFT? Watch this tutorial on how to get started with EFT and make it work for you.  Then come back here, to this video, to join me in a round of tapping dedicated to working through your fear of rejection. 

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