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As we dive headfirst into a blank canvas and a new opportunity, we have to realize that in order to move forward we have to let go of something in the past. To embrace change you have to say goodbye to what is known and comfortable. That’s what we are doing here, together. It is a day, a month, a year of change. The plan is to always change for the better and to improve ourselves and grow. We are doing just that here on the podcast.

You may have noticed we have a whole new look and a little bit of a new feel. We are transitioning from the Profit Party Podcast – all 139 episodes – to the Raise Your Vibe Podcast.

Listen to the podcast:

Raise Your Vibe Podcast

Yes! We changed the name of the podcast right in the middle! I just did that. 

There’s a very good reason for that. I have been with all of you for a couple of years now, helping you to build businesses and change your money mindset. I’ve learned so much along the way that is a complete blessing but it made me start to feel unaligned. I was getting bogged down and in a funk in where my business was and what I was sharing with you. It’s not because I’m misaligned with making money because I strongly believe you deserve to make all kinds of money. You have the control and power to manifest the money you desire as a female entrepreneur. You have the ability to value yourself and when you start to value yourself and what you do, and you believe in yourself, you can make a lot of money.

Embracing the Change

Here’s an interesting thing that happened. As I’ve been doing this work, I realized for myself and my client there is deeper work to be done. To be honest, I’ve always known it. I was lying to myself and I was ignoring what I knew intuitively and I was letting limiting beliefs cloud my own perspective. Yes, I am still vulnerable to my own limiting beliefs and mindset. 

The reason I understand where you are and what you’re going through is because I, too, have had that experience on some level. I think that’s what makes me so compassionate and empathetic and helps me to connect with my clients and my students and my tribe. I enjoy going through hardships and adversary sometimes. Every time I do, I learn and I grow. That is important to me.

Working with clients the past few years and helping them make money, I realized that no matter how much money we make and how successful we are in business and how much time we create for ourselves (isn’t that why we want to make a bunch of money?), none of that shuts the inner critic off. 

We have this inner mean girl who tells us that we are not good enough, that we have to do more, that people are judging us and talking about us behind our backs. We have to live up to these expectations whether they are somebody else’s or our own. We are constantly striving to be better. Often we do it not for our own reasons but for deeply awful reasons. We’re doing it because we are trying to fill a void and not because we are guided by inspiration. I noticed that I was doing that, too. I was starting to feel very misaligned. The topics that I was talking about and the mission I was on to help you create a more abundant and affluent life started to feel shallow to me. I felt like I was only sharing one piece of the puzzle and that there was a big picture that I was ignoring. 

I started to feel like a fraud. Like I knew a secret I wasn’t sharing with you. I was scared to admit this to you because of this legacy and brand that I built. I’m the money mindset maven and if I admit to you that there is more, does that mean I am lying? I really had this experience and I had to fight with myself and I realized after some deep dive inner work (thanks to a weeklong vacation in Mexico). I got to do some inner thinking to figure out where this came from.

Digging into Your Past

It came from when I was a teenager. Growing up, I did not have a picture perfect life. We grew up poor. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was rough. We didn’t have food a lot of the times. My parents were young and they worked 2 jobs a piece trying to make ends meet. We were very often left alone and there wasn’t enough money to pay the bills. Food was scarce. It led to a lot of financial turmoil between my parents and fighting and eventually divorce. They divorced when I was 11. My mom, who was a beautiful woman was only 28. I had a younger sister and my dad took off. Here she is trying to do the single mom thing on her own and she didn’t feel very skilled. She didn’t feel valuable. She didn’t have a college education or even a high school diploma at that time. It was difficult for her to get a job. But she was gorgeous. It was the only thing she could think of to make money.

She started working as a limo driver and as a waitress in a bar, using her charm, charisma and good looks to try to meet a man who could support her and her daughters. The man was her plan. Unfortunately, she met men who did not value her and all it did was confirm that she alone was not good enough. One bad boyfriend led to another which perpetuated the worthless feelings. She eventually turned to drugs and drugs took her life when i was 15. I spent 3 months homeless on the street before getting pregnant myself and having to make some really hard and fast decisions.

What all of this did was give me a perspective. I reflected on that period of my life thinking, “If only my mom had money. If only she had skill and knew she was capable and worthy of making money. She wouldn’t have relied on a man. She would have felt confident and powerful enough to raise us on her own and maybe she would still be here.” That was the belief that was concrete in my mind for a long time. 

I vowed to myself, I will never be supported by a man. In fact, when I met my husband he was broke and I loved it. I had dated rich guys and that had freaked me out. As soon as he flashed their money, I was out of there because a man with money scared me. I saw what depending on a man did to my mom and I was not going down that road. I had all of these beliefs of what I had to do and how I had to act and who I had to be as a woman. That dictated my adult life.

I became a go-getter, an achiever. I’m going to be an entrepreneur and I’m going to be in control of my money and my situation for as long as I shall live. Cause ain’t no man ever going to control me! That was my mindset. And I was very successful at it. I was successful making my own money and I’ve been very successful teaching other women how to do it  too. But what I recently discovered was something I’ve known the whole time but I wasn’t allowing myself to embrace: There’s more to it than making money. 

Understanding the Issue

What was really going on back then with my mom was that she didn’t have a strong sense of self-worth. If she had believed in herself, believed in her value, believed she was enough, she would have had the confidence to go apply for the kind of job she wanted. If only she had acknowledged her skills and not pinned her skill on a document, a piece of paper or diploma. If she had realized she didn’t need that validation, that external approval and that she didn’t need someone else to tell her she’s smart enough or good enough to chase her dreams. If only her inner voice had said “Just go for it. You’ve got this!”

Had she had somebody to do that or the knowledge and power to do that herself, things would have been different. She didn’t have self-worth and that lack of self-worth killed her. 

I realize we all have beliefs about ourselves that are complete B.S. But it’s not just about our ability to make money and sustain ourselves independently. It’s also our ability to control how we think and feel about ourselves and what it is that we are capable of that matters. When we have that belief in ourselves, anything is possible. You want money, sure it’s yours. You want to dictate your calendar and your schedule, it’s going to happen because you are strong. You are worthy of making your own rules and making other people play by them. I don’t mean that in a mean way, but in a self-respecting, powerful way. What I’ve learned over these past several years working with the beautiful, amazing women I’ve had the pleasure and blessing of working with, is that we are all the same. 

We all have this inner mean girl who says nasty things to us. And the problem is: we listen to her! That is the real issue. That is what we need to learn to control. When we learn to control the thoughts and what we are thinking, we are able to control how we feel. Our feeling is our vibe. Our vibe is what goes out into the universe and attracts to us opportunity and people that match that vibe.

What We Do Today Drives Our Future

High vibe attracts high vibe people. We’ve heard it, your vibe attracts your time. Which is why we’ve changed the title of the podcast to Raise Your Vibe. Because I want to teach you how to raise your vibe by thinking differently about yourself. By taming that inner mean girl, dissing that negative self-talk and empowering yourself with positivity so that you can be in control of yourself and your vibes. You can take confident, powerful action and start living your best life.

Sometimes that means embracing change and that’s a scary thing to do. We know what we know. Your current situation is comfortable. It might not be what you want but at least you know what to expect. In and of itself, that brings a feeling of security and safety. I was safe and secure. I knew exactly what to expect. My business was very predictable but I didn’t like the way it was feeling anymore. 

You might be there, too. Your income is predictable. Your relationship is predictable. Your future is predictable. But when you look into your future is that what you want? Are you going to get here in a year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years from now and you look back are you going to say I wish I knew then what I knew now. I wish I would have done things differently. I wish I would have embraced change. Things might be different now.

What it is that we do today creates our future. It determines what we are going to get tomorrow. So I realized I need to make some changes. I don’t want to be here a year from now or three years from now. I want to know what I’m doing is very deeply connected to my why. The path I was on was not connected to my why. I was helping people make money and that felt good. I loved the feedback and the testimonials and social media messages saying I listened to your podcast and …” Amazing things happened but what really matter is why those things are important. Why do those things matter? What difference do those things make in your life and how does it change how you feel.

The Reward of Embracing Change

When I talk to women and they say “because of our work together my anxiety is gone.” or “I’m present with my children again.” “We took a vacation and it was the most beautiful time I’ve spent. I put my phone down and I Was connected.” I’ve worked with teachers who have shared their learn with me with their students and their students have come to them to saying “I was in a really bad place. I was contemplating suicide. Bullying was getting the best of me and what you taught me helped me think differently and work through that and have the strength.”

I’ve worked with nurses and doctors who have shared this work with their patients and have helped their patients regain hope and confidence and a sense of control and shift their mindset from a place of “I’m dying. I can’t control this. This is the worst thing that’s happened to me” to “How can I use this? How can I grow and be strong and develop my resolve?”

When you change that perspective and the way you feel about life and yourself, wow is that different. When I get that kind of feedback that’s when I know I’ve made a difference. These teachings and my work are not stopping at the person I have shared it with but that they are paying it forward. They’re teaching their spouses and their kids and that’s what matters.

How to Find Your Change

The shift from the Profit Party to make money and have fun to Raise Your Vibe is really to take it to the next level. To help you discover what it is you can do to change your life in all the ways. Will we still be talking about money? Yeah we will! I love money and I want your relationship with money to be amazing. I want you to see money as a tool to help further and expand your options; not as an emotional vice. Are we still going to talk about topics that will help you further your business? Yeah! When you feel amazing and confident and powerful, doesn’t that affect your business and how you show up? It’s going to change the way you approach clients and what type of clients and projects you feel worthy of. It’s going to change how you value your work. How bout you just value your work? Why don’t you look at your work and thing “Oh my gosh, I am awesome at what I do. This is amazing! People would pay big bucks to have a piece of this.” 

How about you look at your experience and everything you brought to the table as value? You do that as perspective and thoughts and knowing that you are a valued human being, that everything you do has value and worth. Can you apply this to your business? Yes!

I want you to know that I value and appreciate you for being here with me on this journey through 139 episodes. We’ve been doing this for years now and it has been a great honor to host these episodes with you. I hope that you will continue with me on this journey. I have never been more passionate about anything else in my entire life.

I feel more aligned now and I feel so connected. I feel like what I’m doing now is really making an impact. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t know if it was going to hit well. If people were going to like this but it feels right for me. I want you to ask yourself this,too. If you’re in a place where something is out of alignment for you, I want you to sit with yourself. Maybe you go for a long walk in nature and give yourself the time to ask the question and wait for the answer, “Is this what I want? Where is this going and where is it taking me and is that what I want?” or is there something else? What feels right? Where do you feel called. 

Is that scary? Probably. 

Is it worth it? Only you can answer that. 

I’m here to help.

If you need help with that, that’s what we are here for. I have a gift for you. It is a meditation to help you get into the zone and get into that place where you are aligned with your passion. What path should you be on? 

Go here to grab your free meditation

Here is something new as we switch over to Raise Your Vibe. I’m going to be sure to really take care of you and give you some gifts. What you can expect are some behind the scenes goodies, meditations, study guides, invitations to free classes of people on my list. If you sign up, you will get any other gift from the future first. You don’t have to sign up again, every time I release a new gift. 

Thank you so much for hanging out with me today, I love you to pieces. It’s been an honor and a pleasure and I look forward to hanging out with you next week on the next episode of the Raise Your Vibe Podcast. It’s a bit controversial and you will love it! 

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