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Executive Coaching

I know you’re busy.

Here’s the Good News. Executive coaching doesn’t take time…it makes time. With my support, you’ll be able to take things off your plate – not add more to it.

Book A Discovery Call

In order to create alignment between your mindset & strategy, my one-to-one, high-impact executive coaching helps to identify and implement a customized plan to guide you in:


Creating Clarity around your goals & and create an action plan that will move your business forward.


Eliminating Excuses. I’ll hold you accountable to honor the commitments you make to yourself, help you work through barriers that threaten your follow-through and keep you focused on the actions that will help you meet your goals.

Shifting Your Mindset. I’ll help you overcome barriers, stretch your comfort zone and do things you never believed were possible.

Hiring the “Right” People who enhance your team and stick around for the long haul.

Marketing your Business in a way that is authentic, simple, sustainable and profitable.

Communicating Assertively and Effectively by learning to clearly articulate what’s on your mind, manage conflict, face uncomfortable conversations head-on and approach situations (that used to terrify you) with fearless confidence.

Becoming an Effective Leader by learning how to build an effective team that works cohesively and leverages individual strengths to achieve unified results.

Building Unstoppable Confidence in everything you do by eliminating self-doubt, playing to your strengths, celebrating your successes and marketing yourself, authentically and unapologetically.


Achieving Goals you never thought where possible! 




Last year I started a new business but I had no idea what that would entail and I had no idea just how hard on my emotions starting a new business would be. I found Tonya from a guest spot on a podcast and after hearing her speak so passionately about helping women be confident in themselves and their money making ability I knew this was the one for me. I quickly gobbled up all her free content until I felt like I’d always known her. She can have that effect on people. I had no idea where this journey would lead me.

Tonya has been instrumental in my success both financially and emotionally! She has a very candid way of speaking and teaching that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything you want to. Her education style can match anyones needs as she adjusts to fit each person. Without Tonya’s help this year in both a coaching setting, as well as a group setting, I would have years worth of learning to still do!

Sharissa Bradley

Nutritionist & Health Coach

Working with Tonya has been the single best investment I’ve made in my business and myself. Before working with Tonya I spent hours inside my own head circling around what I “should” be doing. I hated talking about money, asking for money, and had a hard time charging more than my peers. Now..I’m over it!!!

I have learned how to make strategic decisions that align with my highest purpose. I understand who I am and who I am not. I understand the value I bring with complete confidence that I am now charging almost double, and I can have uncomfortable money conversations without hesitating. I know without a doubt who my ideal client is, and I know I am the one who is meant to serve them. And I have a long-term business plan. I feel lighter, more confident, I have hours more free time, and, total bonus, I am so much happier!

Anyone can give you practical advice on what you need to grow a business, but not everyone can lift your vibration so high that you radiate success and happiness. That is Tonya’s magical gift!

Patricia Fasciotti

The Wellness Concierge

The bottom line is – what you’re doing now isn’t working anymore.

You need a new plan.

And you need someone who will be there to help you build, stick to, and execute that plan – with confidence.

Let’s start with a 30-minute call to figure out if my executive coaching is your next best step.


for Teams

Executive coaching for leaders, managers and department heads is a service I offer to support your organization in creating a culture of effective collaboration and team work, productivity and exponential growth. Because when you have a team of people to manage with diverse personalities, things can get a little. . . messy.

If you feel like your team would really benefit from increased efficiency, greater cohesion, and better communication, coaching can be a game-changer.

When you invest in your team’s development and empower them to lead with confidence, that’s when the quantum leaps in business growth start to happen!

What to Expect When I Work with Your Team

1. First, we begin our engagement with an overview of your companies strengths, struggles and goals. This will assist us in creating a team success plan for measuring and tracking team progress and results.

2. Then, I will begin building relationships with each of your executives or department heads, individually. We do this through coaching sessions where I can get to know them, their personality and leadership style. I really dig in to learn their strengths and struggles within the organization. 

3. Once we identify areas within the leadership team that would benefit from skills training, we’ll create a curriculum of workshops (in ½ day, full day or 2-day off-site interactive sessions) that will help them develop skills that they can begin implementing right away to increase effectiveness within their teams.

4. I’ll continue to work with each leader on an individual basis throughout our engagement to coach them through applying the skills learned and teaching additional skills to effectively handle situations that arise between sessions.

5. Often when working with a team, we uncover patterns that would greatly benefit from a standardized policy, procedure or process. We will create these together to ensure that new leaders have a “manual” guiding them through situations that are common in your workplace.

6. The resulting benefits of team coaching are: stronger, more effective leadership, better cohesion among teams, increased company morale and loyalty, reduced turnover, stress and sick days and an overall happier place to work—which always results in happier customers. 


Team coaching engagements require a commitment of six-months (minimum) to create a growth plan, schedule and implement strategies and maximize results. Coaching isn’t a band-aid – it’s an investment in long-term growth and results.

Interested in chatting about how I can work with your team?

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