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You are where you are because of your beliefs. Women often tell themselves money lies that have become the fabric of our reality. You need to change the stories you tell yourself and expose these beliefs for what they are and create new, empowering beliefs to replace them because they are not benefiting you in any way. They are creating sabotage in your world, protecting you from an imaginary fear and keeping you stuck in a perpetual state of mediocrity. Learn how you can level up your beliefs so you can level up your business and attract more money.

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Exposing Money Lies And Leveling Up Your Beliefs

We are talking about money lies that we tell ourselves as women, beliefs that we have allowed ourselves to take on. Stories that have been told to us or by us that have become the fabric of our reality. It’s time to change these stories. It’s time to expose these beliefs for what they are and create new empowering beliefs to replace them. These beliefs are no longer working. They are not benefiting you in any way. They are not moving you closer to your goals or your dreams. In fact, they’re doing quite the opposite. They are creating sabotage in your world.

Sabotage because these beliefs are protecting you from an imaginary fear. They’re keeping you stuck in a perpetual state of mediocrity. Here you are in this life and you’ve got to where you are now because of your beliefs. If you continue to embrace those same beliefs, your tomorrow is going to look exactly the way it does now. If you want change in your life, if you want to up level your business and attract more money to you, you’ve got to up level your beliefs. Which means getting rid of the ones that are sabotaging you and embracing the ones that are going to empower you.

As we talk through a couple of these, you’re going to notice that these show up in the way that you feel in the form of sabotage, excuses, procrastination. They show up in self-talk or the way that you think. They show up in the conversations that you have with friends and the words you exchange. All of this constantly is reinforcing the negative belief. It starts with a belief. You have this belief ingrained in you deep down, but your thoughts, your feelings and your conversations are all happening. There are choices that you make and those choices are either going to challenge those limiting beliefs or they’re going to confirm those limiting beliefs. The choice is yours. If you want to challenge them and change them, you’ve got to first recognize that they exist. You have to become aware of where they exist for you. Let’s dig into a few of those.

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Women Believe They Don’t Deserve To Spend Money On Themselves

Number one, this is something that I come across over and over my work with women, is they feel that they don’t believe they deserve to spend money on themselves. The kids come first, things around the house come first, the business comes first. There are all these things constantly fighting for your money. Your money only stretches so far. You have to choose where it goes and you are often your own last choice. There are a million reasons why you tell yourself that this is okay and this is acceptable behavior. Maybe you currently at this moment are not the breadwinner.

Maybe your spouse is the one that makes more money than you. You feel that he or she has more say or control over where the money is spent. You feel guilty splurging on yourself. It’s always been taught to you that it’s shameful to splurge. Maybe your mother was not a good role model for self-love in that regard and you’ve never modeled or you’ve never seen that behavior modeled so it’s considered wrong or taboo. You’ve never been taught an effective way to put yourself first or to spend money on yourself in a healthy way, but that doesn’t change the fact that deep down, you want to enjoy the little pleasures of life.

What happens? Do you spend money and then lie about it? Do you hide receipts? Take price tags off before anybody else sees it? I’m going to share a little secret with you. I used to be guilty of this big time. It was back when I was a stay-at-home mom and I held these beliefs that I didn’t deserve to spend money on myself. When I did, I felt excruciatingly terrible about it, guilty about it, and I would avoid having to own up to that and tell my husband what I spent in ways that I got clever. I would have stores divide receipts in two and I would hide the larger receipt only show the smaller one.

I would say that I was borrowing clothes from my sister when in fact, I bought them up myself and took the tags off. It was horrible, very toxic behavior that stemmed from toxic thinking about what I felt I deserved. Here’s the thing, I didn’t realize that at the time, I do now. I want to share it with you, is that your energy sets the tone. You get to decide what it is that you’re worth. You get to decide what it is that you deserve. The whole universe responds to that, to the energy you emit.

If you decide that you are worth a pair of earrings or a pair of shoes, you might get a little bit of grief at first because this is a new behavior. Anytime you’re changing the status quo, there’s going to be a couple of ripples in the water. Once you embrace that, you own it and you don’t back down and say, “This makes me happy and I deserve this.” Everyone else will say, “Okay, no problem.” It might take a minute, but that will come to fruition in your life and the universe responds to that energy as well.

When you decide that you are worth it and you’re deserving, the universe responds in kind and will bring you everything that you need to live the standard of living that you want, that you desire and that you feel you deserve. The truth is you will only be valued to the extent in which you value yourself. You decide what that value is and then you let the whole world and universe play catch up and believe me, they will.

Women Tell Themselves They Don’t Want That

The second lie I see show up over and over again with women is they tell themselves they don’t want that. You look at something, a big beautiful home, a luxurious car, a sexy pair of shoes, a handbag or a vacation. Even though your inner self says, “I want that. That would be amazing. That would make me feel luxurious, special and abundant.” There is a limiting belief at play that says, “You’re never going to have that. That is for the haves and you are among the have-nots, so get it out of your head.

Stop dreaming. That’s not for you.” You respond to that by convincing yourself that you don’t want it anyway. “No, that’s not for me. I don’t want to be rich. I don’t want to have nice things. I just want to be comfortable. I just want to have enough. I just don’t want to struggle.” You tell yourself this over and over again but it’s not true. You’re lying to yourself to cover up a desire. That desire is real. It’s alive and it wants out. You were born into this planet and into this world to experience the joy and pleasures of life.

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Money Lies: Your energy sets the tone. You get to decide what it is that you’re worth. You get to decide what it is that you deserve.

Some of those things are material and that’s completely okay. There’s nothing wrong with that. In order to get to that level of success and enjoy those things, you must make an impact and give to the world. You must serve and make a difference, and in return, you will be paid for your efforts and you will have these things. It’s completely okay. It’s okay to have desires. It’s okay to have wants but we’re taught that is taboo, that is wrong. That we are bad for wanting more. We’re taught that’s selfish and that we’re taking more than our share. How is that even possible when there is not a limited source of abundance? There is an unlimited source of abundance. There is not even a possibility that you could take more than your share.

There is enough for you and everybody else to have everything they’ve ever desired, to have more than enough. That’s what abundance means. It means more than enough. You are holding onto this belief because deep down you don’t believe that it’s possible. You don’t believe you’re possible and that’s a lie. You are possible. It is possible for you to have everything that you’ve ever wanted. All the money and abundance that you can possibly dream up is yours. It’s out there, just waiting for you to claim it, but first, you have to believe that it is. You have to believe that you have enough, that you have a gift to share with the world that is a worthy of paying for. When you embrace that belief, there are no limits. Anything will become possible and it will become your new reality.

It Takes Money To Make Money

Number three, it takes money to make money. I will say that like attracts like. When you have money, you’re going to attract money but it doesn’t mean that you can’t attract money from where you are. It’s simply a matter of changing your focus. By thinking and believing that it takes money to make money, you are separating yourself from people that have it. You’re creating a line, a barrier between the haves and the have-nots and you’re grouping yourself with the have-nots.

As you start to get close to that line, you find that you are investing everything back into your business. Everything back into growth and you stop enjoying the journey. You stop spending money on pleasure. You stop pampering yourself. Everything becomes work and sacrifice, and as a result, you lower your own vibe. You become frustrated and burnt out. It starts to feel like this is an impossible journey. Why does it have to be hard? It doesn’t. It does not have to be hard. It doesn’t take a huge investment to make a lot of money. It doesn’t take a huge sacrifice.

It takes you paying attention to what matters, what feels good in the moment for you and acknowledging your own vibration and respecting that vibration. Taking inspired action daily towards your goals and serving with purpose. When you do that, the money will appear. When you give yourself, you share your knowledge and your expertise, the money will appear. When you are high vibe and you become a magnet, the clients will appear. People want to be near you.

Women Tell Themselves They Can’t Do It

They want to be in your energy. They want to learn from you. They want to buy from you. They want to do business with you, refer you, collaborate and partner with you because your vibe is high. To the lie that it takes money to make money, no. It takes energy to make money because money is simply energy. When your energy is high, the flow of money comes to you with ease, “I can’t do that. They won’t pay me that.”

Lie number four, yes you can and they will. People will value you to the extent in which you value yourself. If you are offering value and you are high vibe, you are going to attract the people who value what it is that you’re offering. You’re going to attract the people that are in alignment with your energy and what it is that you’re offering to the world. You’re not going to be right for everybody, but it is not your job to please everybody all of the time.

It is your job to make a difference to a select few, the ones that need what it is that you offer and want to connect with you on that level. Here’s the thing. You have to be confident in what it is that you’re offering and what that value is, if you are lacking, if you are nervous, if you are unsure of yourself in the level of service or value that you provide, that energy is what is going to be picked up by your potential clients.

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If you don’t feel 100% confident in what it is that you’re doing and what you’re charging for it, they won’t either. They’re going to energetically pick that up as a gigantic red flag and go, “No. I’m going to keep looking for somebody else. I’m getting a funky vibe and I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I don’t think I’m ready.” You have to decide first and you have to own your own value in what it is that you do. When you’re there, you will be high vibe and you will attract the people that are supposed to be buying from you and doing business with you.

It’s all about getting your vibe on point and mastering the mindset around your own personal worth. When you do that, business is a piece of cake. It feels like it comes easily. It will start to flow. It won’t feel like work at all. It will be like, “This is crazy. I love my life. I love my job and I get paid for this. I get paid well and I serve to my highest capacity and the energy exchange is a beautiful thing,” but first you have to dismantle the limiting beliefs. You have to challenge the lie that you cannot charge more, that you cannot charge a healthy salary or a healthy fee for what it is that you do. You can, you serve and you change people’s lives in some way. There’s value in that, remember that.

I’ll Be Happy When I Make A Lot Of Money

Money lie number five, “I’ll be happy when I pay off my debt, when I make a lot of money, when I reach six figures, when my business takes off. I’ll be happy when.” We tell ourselves that money is going to make us happy, when in fact that is a blatant lie. It’s the other way around. We have to get happy first. We have to raise our frequency, our energetic vibration first. That high vibe is what attracts the money and allows us to manifest things. If money made you happy, if that were true, all those celebrities in the world would be full of joy. We wouldn’t have suicides.

Look at Kate Spade, Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, that wouldn’t have happened. They wouldn’t have been miserable or depressed. They wouldn’t have been suffering miserably on the inside. They had a ton of money. Money was not a problem. Money doesn’t fix all problems. Money is an external manifestation of what’s happening on the inside. If you are high vibe, you’re going to attract more money and that money is going to magnify what’s going on on the inside and you are going to be better equipped to deal with all the crazy that might happen in your life.

If you attract the money and it magnifies the insecurities that are going on in the inside, it’s going to be really hard to deal. In the case of so many celebrities that we see, that’s why they’re all in and out of rehab, they can’t deal with the fame. They can’t deal with the money. They can’t handle it. They’ve never learned how to handle the insecurities that are happening on the inside. The inner fears, the limiting beliefs that tell them they’re not good enough, that they’re being judged, ridiculed and persecuted from every single angle. They feel that and it’s really hard to deal with such beliefs unless you’ve done the work.

Unless you’ve taken the time to look at these limiting beliefs and say, “Is this true for me? If this feels true, what can I do to clear it and replace it with something that feels better? That empowers me to move on and to up level my life, to up level my income, to go after my dreams, to build my business to what I want.” Do you have what it takes? Are your beliefs in yourself strong enough to make that happen? Is their insecurity still deep down that’s driving you crazy? Is there still beliefs that are holding you back? If you’re not progressing rapidly towards your goals, the answer is yes. There are limiting beliefs that need to be cleared so that you can build the strength that you need to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted.

PPP 120 | Money Lies

Money Lies: There are limiting beliefs that need to be cleared so that you can build the strength that you need to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted.

To recap, remember five things. You deserve to splurge on yourself. You are worth it. It’s okay to want nice things. Give yourself permission., Give yourself permission to splurge on those things once in a while that is what you’re here for. That’s why you make money so that you can have nice things and enjoy those things. Enjoy the pleasures of life. Number three, make your vibration your focus. Your vibe is what attracts things into your life. Low vibe is going to attract low frequency circumstances, people, situations, but high vibe is going to attract high vibe things like money, abundance, joy and happiness. If you want more money in your life, you don’t need money to create money, you need vibe to create money. Money is simply energy. When you are high energy, you will attract high amounts of money.

Number four, embrace an abundance mindset. Work on your level of worth. Remind yourself every day that you are worthy of charging money for what you do. That you deserve to get paid, that you are making a difference. That energy of serving comes back to you in the form of money, which is also energy, so it’s a give and a receive. Every day remind yourself that you are worth it. Finally, remember that your energy creates everything. Be grateful for what you have now. Appreciate the money that you have. Appreciate the person you are.

Appreciate the experiences in your world so that your vibe can elevate and you can attract more of that. If you work on your insides, your mindset, your core beliefs and you build the strength that you need on the inside, you will be able to handle anything that the universe or life throws your way. You’re going to handle it with confidence, grace and ease. Going after your desires, achieving your goals is going to be a piece of cake because you are strong enough to do it.

If you need help in any of these areas, if you know that deep down there are limiting beliefs that are holding you back. If you are not achieving the level of success in your business that you’dlike to be achieving right now and you want more. You know that deep in your heart you’re capable of more, that you were put on this earth to be bigger than you’re allowing yourself to be right now, come talk to me. Come hang out in Money Vibes Bootcamp because we are going to declutter all of those limiting beliefs that are holding you back and help you get your vibe high, your goals clear in mind so that you can crush it in life and business.

Start to attract through the Law of Attraction, every desire that you have with ease, grace and momentum. If that sounds like you, make sure you come check it out at TonyaRineer.com/Money-Vibes. If this episode was helpful and you loved it, please let me know. Leave a review on iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play and let me know that you’re loving this podcast. Until next time, I hope you have an amazing, abundant week.

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