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Most of us, at a young age, learn the “rules” about money. But are they really true?

We learn things like:

  • Nothing good in life comes free
  • Money doesn’t come easy
  • You have to work hard to be rich
  • If it’s too good to be true, it probably is

We are conditioned to believe that there is always a catch. Or, if there is no catch and somehow, money flows to us easily, we end up feeling guilty, selfish or undeserving.

These are the feelings that ultimately lead to self sabotage. And are often the reasons we want to get ahead in life, but somehow seem to stay stuck at a certain level of income no matter how hard we work.

Check out this clip from the show Brain Games and watch the reactions of the people passing by as they try to give away FREE MONEY.

While you watch, imagine yourself in their shoes. What would you do?


Ok, what did you think? Did you feel a little anxious or think to yourself… “Wait! What’s the catch?” If so, that is a sure sign that you have some Money Blocks lurking around.

The truth about money…

Money can be easy or difficult to manifest. The choice is yours. Click To Tweet

You really can choose to be as rich, abundant, wealthy, comfortable and well-off as you want to be!

A money block isn’t forever. It a temporary obstacle. A story we tell ourselves. And because it’s just a story, we have the ability to change it.

How do you overcome a money block?

The answer to that is simple and complicated at the same time.

The simple answer: You reprogram your belief system.

The complex answer: You have to “unlearn” what you know. And relearn to think and focus on the positive. You have to clear the negativity from your inner beliefs and allow the pure positive thoughts to take over.

Is it really possible to clear money blocks?

Yes!!!! We all have them. But if you’re willing to put in a little time and effort to clear them, you can over come them and when you do, believe me, your entire world will change!

What will happen if I clear my money blocks?

Your entire world will change!

Never again will you feel like something is “Too good to be true” or feel guilt over a wonderful, generous gift, like free money!

Never again will you worry where your next paycheck or client is going to come from. Never will you worry about having enough money to retire or send your kids to college. Never again will you worry about taking time off from your business to travel or spend time with family.

Want to really enjoy the pleasures in life? Clear your money blocks! Click To Tweet

Once you do, you’ll be able to give generously and graciously. You’ll be able to do amazing things and make the world a better place. You’ll feel confident, secure and safe knowing that you can take care of yourself and those that you love. It’s a wonderful feeling. It’s something you deserve- we all do. And it’s easier to achieve than you might think!

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