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Today we are talking about vision boards.

How important they are to you and your business, why you should have one and how to pull them together.

I help women, like you, build their business by working on money mindset, relationship marketing and all of the stumbling blocks that get in our way from accomplishing the success that you know you are capable of.

One of those stumbling blocks is often just not knowing where you’re going, what it is that you’re really after and getting clear on those goals.

So what I want to talk to you about is making your very own vision board


If you don’t already have a vision board, you should!

You need to. I want you to put that on your to-do list to get it done this weekend. Set aside an hour or two to make it happen.

Or do it tonight while you’re in bed. Grab your laptop or iPad and start pulling images together. Create a Pinterest board with some images if you’d like or screenshot some Google images.

Anything works, because when you know what it is that you’re after and when you actually have that destination in mind, it’s easy for you to manifest it!

“Creating a vision board is like telling the Universe, “This is exactly what I want!”

Now, I have to do this with my husband sometimes. Don’t laugh, but I’ve literally created Christmas lists for him that spell out exactly the item I want, this is a picture of it, this is the price, this is the size, here is where you can buy it and this is the name of the manager that works at the store. The list is seriously that detailed.

And you know what? He gets me everything on the list. Why? Because I took the time to spell out exactly what I wanted with details. Now, I love my husband to death, but he’s not a shopper. So I do that to help him. Thats all. I’m just being sweet.

A vision board is a collection of images that represent your dream future. It will help you define exactly what you want in life.

You can cut images out from magazines and create a collage on a poster board. That works fine. You can also create a vision board on the computer and adjust the sizes to make it pretty (my method of choice).

I also like to get the family involved. And I recommend you do too!

So if you’re married or have a significant other or you have children, get them involved in this. Because you know what? When they want something, aren’t you super motivated to help them get it?

Especially if you’re a mom. If you’re a mom and your kids say they want something that means a lot to them, we have a tendency to put ourselves on the back burner to give them what they want. We want all of their dreams to come true. We all want them to have a better life than we did.

Your family is a BIG part of your future, right? Make sure they are represented on your vision board.

By getting them involved and creating this together, everything that you do isn’t selfish. Yes, it’s for you. But it’s also for them!

And if it’s to create something bigger in the world, make sure you include that too! For me, I want to change the way women think and feel about money. So there are images on my vision board of happy successful women. And when I look at that, I think, “I helped them do that!” And that’s the emotion I want to feel when I look at that board.

My board also has images that represent the things my kids want to accomplish when they grow up. I want to see them happy, successful and thriving so that’s important to me. So that’s on my board.

My husband would love more than anything to golf all the time. So golfing is on my vision board. Golf means nothing to me, but it means everything to him so that’s why that’s included.

So definitely pull a little bit of every piece of your life in. Find a picture that represents that so that it means something to you and make sure you include it on your board.

Once you’ve created your vision board, what do you do with it?

Put your vision board somewhere that you’re going to see it everyday!

You can get super fancy and frame it and hang it up on your wall. You can just pin it to the wall or hang it on your refrigerator. You can tape it to your bathroom mirror or hang it in your bedroom.

I put mine on my desktop as the background image on my computer because I sit on my computer everyday.

That way whenever I’m feeling unmotivated to do the “boring” stuff in my business, I can look at my vision board and get an instant reminder of why it’s so important that I keep going. It’s motivating for me.

If you don’t yet have a vision board or you’re not real sure of what your dream life looks like, I want you to sit and take 10-15 minutes to listen to an audio that will help you get into this dream life mode by imagining what your dream life actually looks like.

By painting a picture in your mind, it will be easier to go out and find images that represent what living your dream life means to you.

Then, get yourself some magazines, a poster board and glue and get to work.

If you want to do your vision board digitally, feel free to download and use my templates. I’ve done the work of creating the templates for you, so all you have to do is drag and drop images into it. Super easy!

No excuses. Make the time to do this. It is powerful stuff!

And hey… When you’re done, Let me know…

What is your favorite thing about your vision board? And why?

Feel free to upload a picture of your board in the comments below, too! Be the inspiration that gets everyone excited to create their vision board too! We can do this together!

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