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High Vibe


Striving to meet your goals and be successful in your business can be hard enough by itself. I mean, you’ve got your own fear and doubt to deal with. You don’t need everyone else’s negativity, limiting beliefs and fears projected onto you. But. . . when the person or people that’s bringing you down is a close friend or family member, what do you do?

In this video we’re talking about:Β 

  • Why people in your life may be unsupportive
  • How to create distance without hurting their feelings
  • How to go after your dreams without feeling guilty
  • How to not hold yourself back, even when you are surrounded negative people.

If there is anything I can do to support you as you raise your vibe, grow your business and make a difference in the world, please let me know! I’m here to help!

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Tonya Rineer

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