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As an entrepreneur, you’re probably getting ready to set big goals for the coming year, right? If you are planning on making this next year super successful, ask yourself… What can I do to ensure that 2017 is my Best Year Ever?

Today, we’re talking about three mindset shifts that will help you rock your biz and your goals in 2017!

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3 Mindset Shifts to Help You Achieve Crazy Success

  1. Shift your Focus: The best way to set goals is to look at your BIG goals and create a game plan made up of smaller baby goals, or milestones by starting with those bigger goals and reverse engineering them  into quarterly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals and even daily goals to give you actionable steps you can take to move yourself forward. Be careful, though, not to let this become a never ending to-do list. Instead, take a minute pause and to reflect on what you’ve accomplished each day and enjoy the journey of success. This is really huge for creating an abundance mindset! Celebrating each win and tiny goal eads to a more positive outlook, boosts your confidence and raises your energetic frequency, which in turn helps to attract more positive clients to you!
  2. Play Up: If you play up, you’re forcing yourself to be a little bit better than you already are. Let me explain… When you’re a kid and you join a sports team they typically place you one of two ways. One is by age and two is by skill level. If you take the skill level approach to the business world, submerse yourself into a community that has skill levels that are where you want to be rather than where you’re currently at, allowing you to “play up” and move forward into those skills. Other ways to do this are you get a mentor or coach who can guide you to the next step or join a mastermind to up level your skills. (Listen to this episode I recorded with Hal Elrod on the Achieve Your Goals Podcast about how I found community and purpose by taking a chance and attending a conference. It seriouly changed everything for me!)
  3. Focus on what motivates you: Create spaces on a white board or chalkboard and fill them with words of affirmation, your daily accomplishments (or whatever your motivator is) as a visual reminder of the great things you’re doing every day. It becomes a running tally of your wins. If you love getting positive feedback from clients, write their words of praise in your spaces. Or, if money is your motivator, keep a running tally of your earned income on the board, along with the reason that money is important to you. If building your e-mail list motivates you, write the number of subscribers or their names on your board. The board is an awesome motivator to keep going during those times when you become overwhelmed or discouraged in your business. It helps to create a mindset shift by reminding you that there is a deeper meaning and purpose to your business than being able to purchase material things. We all want to make an impact in some way and that is why this board is huge for remembering you are doing something bigger in your business.Don’t lose sight of those BIG goals as you move forward in 2017! You’ve got this, girl!!!


A Few Resources to Help you Achieve Your Goals in 2017

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