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There are 3 levels to a healthy mindset. Did you know that? PLUS a mastery level specific to the manifestation of money. Which level are you at? Keep reading to find out.

I teach women entrepreneurs how to take control of their money so that they can charge what their services are really worth, spend more time doing what they love and less time working in their business. That takes strategy and involves a combination of teaching how to set up systems, workflows, manage money, create winning proposals & agreements, etc.

But the most important thing we work on is Money Mindset. Why? It’s actually quite simple.

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Mastering your money mindset isn’t always a walk in the park. It takes consistent focus, patience and effort. It means tuning inward and reflecting on your own personal thoughts and emotions. It means paying close attention to the words you use and how you react to the outside world. It means change. And that is scary for most people!

But… change is worth it if it brings about a better life, isn’t it? I think so. And if you agree, keep reading to see where you’re currently at in the mastery process.

If you’ve spent any time on personal development, you’re probably familiar with terms like Positive Mindset, Abundance Mindset, Growth Mindset, Success Mindset and so on. Hearing all of these terms can get confusing. What do they really mean, anyway? Are they all the same thing? So I’m going to clear up the confusion by spelling out how I describe the different mindsets, what they mean and how they vary.

Poverty Mindset

This is what I would consider a Level Negative 2 (so it technically doesn’t count) but I’m going to go over it anyway, just in case you’re stuck here. At this level, you believe that the world is against you. Perhaps you were a serial killer in your past life? But for some reason, the Universe seems to be punishing you for something and you have no idea why. You try and try but you can’t get ahead. You are broke!

You are always worried about money- it’s always on your mind and causes stress in your life and perhaps even tension in your relationships. The lack of money often comes up in conversation with friends and family as does the growing cost of the things you’d love to buy. You find yourself complaining about the economy, your job and your situation. You wish things were different but deep down, you are pretty convinced you’ll struggle forever. After all, your family has always struggled. Why should you be any different?

At this point, the only chance you’ll ever be rich is if you win the lottery, or inherit a large windfall from a relative.

Negative Mindset

This is what I’d consider a Level Negative 1. You might not be fixated on your lack of money, but you do tend to look at the negative side of things. You still feel that you have been cursed with bad luck and that life is just plain old hard! You are a worry wart- the tiniest little thing can send your mind into frenzy mode with one negative thought leading to another until you’ve worked yourself into a tizzy.

You try to look on the bright side of things, but let’s be real, there are always 2 sides to everything- good and bad. You consider yourself a realist so it’s only natural that you consider the worse case scenarios, after all, somebody has to do it! You can’t live in La La land forever like those obnoxious optimists.

People tend to get under your skin easily. If only they’d all just see things your way, everything would be peachy. But instead, they make decisions that affect your life and you have to deal with the consequences. It drives you crazy!

You take life as it comes and will play the hand you’re dealt and you’ll get by just fine. After all, life wasn’t meant to be easy!

Positive Mindset

This is Level One in the mastery process. It means that you’re completely comfortable, aware and in control of your present situation.

If you have a positive mindset you are aware that you and only you are in control of your life. You do not blame other people for your current circumstances. You hold no grudges or ill feelings toward others. Bad things happen, you realize that, but also know that there is always a silver lining and lesson to be learned. Instead of dwelling on the situation, feeling sorry for yourself and having a pity party, you look for the lesson, find the silver lining and move on. You are appreciative of where you are in your life and how you got here and know that nothing is permanent. If you don’t like your path, it’s your job to get on a new path.

Growth Mindset

This is Level Two in the mastery process. It means that you’re comfortable and confident with the direction you are headed in life. In order to achieve true mastery at this level, you must first master Level One.

If you have a growth mindset, you know what you want and you’re motivated to get it. You are goal driven and aren’t afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You have the keen sense and ability to look into the future and see opportunity and the confidence to pursue that opportunity. You are always looking for ways to improve yourself and learn new things. You are your biggest competitor and you welcome a good challenge.

Abundance Mindset

This is Level Three in the mastery process. It means that you’ve mastered Level One and Level Two. You know and appreciate where you are, you know where you want to go and now, you’re willing to do what it takes to get there!

If you have an abundance mindset, you are action oriented. You know the Universe is waiting to hand you everything you want, but only if you meet it half way. You aren’t afraid to step out of your comfort zone and are willing to to hustle to make things happen. You are confident in your own skills and ability and never question your own value or worth. For this reason, you’re open to receiving the gifts of abundance when they are bestowed upon you.

Money Mindset

This is the Mastery Level of Mindset. To have mastered this level, you must have first mastered the previous three levels. This is because it is near impossible to attract financial wealth and abundance without first understanding that we are in control, appreciating where we are, realizing what we want, taking the steps to get it and then being open to receiving it when it comes. Skipping any of these steps will cause that abundance that is heading our way to stop, turn right back around and go away.

Most people have money blocks, which are limiting beliefs around money that hide in their subconscious minds. These show up in life and thoughts, emotions or words that happen to slip out without us even knowing what’s going on. These are what form our knee-jerk reactions to the world around us.

When our kids ask us for an ice-cream, a knee-jerk response might be, “Sorry, honey, I’m broke.” Or when friends asks us to join them on a week-long vacation, before even considering it, we say, “I can’t afford to take the time off work.” Or what about when a friend who is doing extremely well in her career invites us for drinks in her beautiful new home and we say, “I’m so happy for you! Your home is absolutely gorgeous!” But inside we’re really thinking, What is she doing that I’m not? Why can’t I get ahead? Am I going to be stuck here forever?

Money blocks show up in business too. When a client hands you cash, do you count it in from of them? Or just assume it’s correct and discreetly stash it in your pocket? How about when you price something for a client and they appear to be shocked at the price you gave. Do you feel the urge to justify your fees and explain yourself? Or do you find yourself feeling the urge to compromise or negotiate to accommodate them and get their business? What about when you think about raising your fees? Do you talk yourself out of it because you’re not an “expert” yet, or because you think you’ll lose clients or because there is no way you’d ever pay that much? Or maybe deep down you are fearful of achieving real success because of what it might do to your relationships.

These are all examples of money blocks. And trust me, girlfriend, we all have them! You can’t avoid them, but you can learn to clear them.

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Learning to recognize those blocks when they surface and having the skills and know-how to clear them, not only will get you un-stuck, it will feel like you’re an olympic runner going full speed down hill. It’s exhilarating! Money will flow to you with effortless ease and all your financial worries will drift away.

Free Money Mastery Training

If you are serious about wanting to master your money mindset, check out The Attraction Formula: 6 Steps to a Healthy Money Mindset.


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