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Are you stuck at an income plateau in your business? Does the thought of raising your prices make you feel icky or just completely freak you out? Yep, it used to make me feel like that too!

But… there’s hope! You don’t have to feel stuck at your current income level. And you don’t have to feel icky and guilty at the thought of raising your prices either. There is a way to do it in 5 baby steps that makes takes the guilt, fear and terror out of the equation. This process will help you deliver even more value to your clients, while incrementally raising your rates (as often as you need to) with confidence.

Check out my 5 step system here:


Learn how to set your hourly rate here: Exact Formula: How Much is Your Time Worth

More Money Starts with a Healthy Money Mindset.

Click HERE for my free training videos that will teach you the formula to achieving (and mastering) your money mindset and earning more in your business.

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  • Are you currently stuck at an income plateau?
  • What is holding you back from increasing your prices?
  • Now that you’ve watch the video, do you feel more confident about raising your prices?

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