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I’m getting a little bit personal today. I work with women on mindset, money and getting control of their finances, from a place of struggle to a place eventually where their passive income is enough to sustain their lifestyle.

In order to do that, we have to start at step one which is getting clear on what’s real and what our numbers look like. We have to recognize where our struggles are.

I’m going to share today what that looked like for me: The Confessions of a Shopaholic.

I love the rush of shopping. Years ago when I didn’t have the money to spend, it would bring up feelings of shame and guilt. I used shopping as a form of therapy. The more you use shopping as a therapy, the better it feels.

When I went out and bought new things, there was no way that I could go home and tell my husband I had blown $1,000 on a bunch of things I didn’t need because that would only lead to more shame and guilt.

I would find little ways to hide my purchases, instead. It was an addiction and it was bad!

I didn’t like that way it felt to struggle financially. That struggle made me feel restricted. At the time, the only way I knew how to deal with that feeling was to spend to get back my sense of “control”. But it was a viscous cycle. I knew I had to sit down and figure out how to handle this. So…

I cut up my credit cards. I realized that I had to own my part in fixing my own finances.

I created a budget (which I call a spending plan) so that I understood where I was financially, at all times, in order to create freedom and become debt free.

Knowing where I stood financially gave me more freedom than a day at the mall ever could.

There’s so much power that comes from finally taking control of your finances and being in control of your money.

Money is a tool and it feels amazing when you gain control of it!

I ask you to take a few minutes and meditate on this. Where are you sabotaging your own income and prosperity and abundance for short term feel good feelings? You identify that and that is the first step in transforming your life. It’s awareness of where you are.

Money Mindset Training

I have a formula training series that talks about developing a healthy money mindset. If you want to check that out you can get it at tonyarineer.com/formula.

This training program is something I want every woman in the world to have because it will change their lives!

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