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You know that feeling when you’re standing in a room full of strangers and suddenly your bravery wears off and a wave of anxiety comes over you? All you want to do is make a b-line for the nearest exit and just blow the rest of the day off? Yep, me too! But what if you could build instant rapport with people you meet and learn a few strategies to win them over within the first 10 seconds of meeting them? It would be a whole lot easier, don’t ya think?

Meeting new people is hard. Especially if you’re shy or introverted (which I totally am)! But it’s necessary- especially for business.

We all feel get those nervous butterflies when we step outside of our comfort zone. Believe me, even the most extroverted & outgoing people in the world feel anxious when they’re out of their element.

The secret to making it a million times easier? Ease the tension by focusing on them instead of you!

Because really, they are all thinking the exact same things you are!

Things like, I feel totally out of place, I hope someone talks to me, Should I just duck out of here right now? What if someone does talk to me? What will I say? What if I say something stupid? The list goes on, right?

The best way to make awkward situations easier on yourself is by showing genuine interest in other people. So how do you do that? It’s actually really easier than you might think!

In this video I share my 3 best tips for making a connection and winning someone over in 10 seconds no matter how shy you are.

Never again will you be left alone in the corner of a room wishing you could crawl under a table and disappear!


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How to Build Instant Rapport and Win Someone Over in 10 Seconds
People will always remember how you made them feel
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