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Today I’m sharing with you something that happened to me over the weekend because it triggered something in me that made me do a check in.

It triggered some money belief stories in me. Although I coach women in money mindset and relationship marketing and how to grow their business by bringing those things together, sometimes I have to do a little bit of a check in on my self as well.

I’m not perfect. I sometimes have little things happen that trigger those negative emotions in me and make me realize that something needs to be addressed and that’s what happened this weekend with a man I met.

I call him the “Don’t You Know Who I Am?” Guy.

This guy that I met over the weekend seemed to be a big to-do. He was attacked like a celebrity. Everyone seemed to know who he was and wanted to talk to him. We ended up in a circle at networking event mingling, and I had no idea who he was. When I asked him what his name was, he seemed pretty offended and gave me that look and said, “Don’t you know who I am?”

I was a little bit taken aback. At first I thought he was joking.

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At first I thought he was gonna pull the Anchor Man thing and go, “I’m kind of a big deal!” You know, as a joke. But he didn’t. He was dead serious!

I was like, ‘Um… No. I’m sorry, am I supposed to know who you are?” He came back again with, “Don’t you know who I am?” and we played this game for a good solid minute.

And it kind of offended me a little bit. Where, I don’t know, I guess I had some mixed emotions. I was annoyed a little bit. I wanted to walk away from the conversation a little bit. And it made me realize after walking that night and reflecting on it that it definitely triggered some negative emotions.

At the moment that this was happening, I wanted to strangle the guy!

Why can’t you just be nice and say, “Hi! My name is so and so!”
After I thought about it, it made me realize, that’s one of my money blocks. That is part of my money story.

That’s one of my (or was) one of my money blocks.

I grew up knowing a lot of very successful, affluent, influential people. I met a lot of celebrities and a lot of athletes. And I met a lot of them that had that arrogant attitude. And it was a major turn off for me.

When I was young and was meeting these people, I would think to myself, “Is that how every body person is?” I wasn’t rich, but when I met rich people I made that connection where:

I believed that, Money = Arrogance

I told myself that I don’t ever want to be that way. I don’t like that kind of demeanor. And that was one of the things that I realized this weekend that has held me back at times and kept me reaching levels of success.

Because I was afraid, deep down, that if I ever reached any significant level of wealth that I was gonna turn into a person like that. I have since found that isn’t true!

It is a limiting belief. It is a money block.

I’ve worked to overcome it. I’ve done that by surrounding myself with likeminded people that are very affluent and rich, wealthy, influential- whatever you want to call them. But they’re also very humble, kind, generous, amazing people to be around and they’re doing amazing things and they’re changing the world!

They are using what they know and their success for the good of everybody around them. And they are trying to influence as many people as they can to better their own lives.

So it’s not necessarily that money equals arrogance. It’s what you do with it that defines who you are as a person.

It took me years to figure that out. To surround myself with those people to myself that it is possible to be amazing and wealthy all at the same time.

So that’s my message and challenge to you.

If you’re ever triggered by those negative emotions (maybe it’s this, or maybe it’s something different), ask yourself, “What does this mean?”. Do a little soul searching and a little digging.

Ask yourself: “Is this part of my story of what I’ve been telling myself? Could this possibly be limiting my beliefs that there is more out there for me?”

If so, ask yourself what you wish was true. What you wish you believed. And then, set out on a mission to prove that those ideal beliefs are really true.

It’s possible to do that!

One way is definitely to surround yourself with positive, likeminded people that are looking to do great things in the world. That want success and want to do good things with it.

Which is exactly why I’m creating a movement and I would love for you to join me!

Join me to create this mission to change the way women think and feel about money.

Because we have within us the greatest gifts in the world. We’re naturally nurturers, We naturally want to give.

Imagine the wonderful things women could do if they feel amazingly confident and super successful and they grow businesses that, not only make their own dreams come true, but allow them to impact and influence the world in a good way.

Can you imagine how awesome the world would be?

I would love for you to join me in this. It’s gonna be super fun and we’re gonna have a rockstar community.

You can join the movement here:

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I will send you behind the scenes inside stuff that I only share with people that I’m personally connected to because some things you just don’t want online all over the internet. So you’re gonna get that stuff.

Also, you’ll get an invite to a private Facebook community where the vibe is going to be a little something along the lines of a crossover of business lunch topics and bachelorette party fun. We are going to have a blast in there.

It’s coming very very soon. So to be notified when that happens, make sure you join this movement, become part of this community and you’re gonna know everything you’ll be up-to-date when it all happens.

I hope you are awesome! And I hope you have an AMAZING week!

Tonya XX
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