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Business has always been a comparison. It will drive you nuts if you keep thinking what other people are doing. Being different is better than being better to be different. You become invaluable to people when you are unique. Know and understand your self-worth. Ask what are you uniquely good at that when people hear your name, they say, “That’s go-to person?”

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Make Your Self Worth Your Net Worth Because Different Is Better

The secret to never ever having to worry about competition again is simple – be different, not better. Being different is so much better than trying to be better than other people.

One of the mindset blocks that comes up over and over again for anybody in business, myself included, is, “What is everyone else doing?” It is a comparison game if you’re not careful. It’s easy and I still do it. I’m guilty of seeing another money mindset coach show up on my Facebook feed who has a following of 50 million people and I’m like, “She’s killing it. She’s doing better than me.” I have to remind myself, “Stop it, Tonya. She’s not better. She’s different. She’s doing her thing, her way and that is awesome. I am doing my thing, my way. I’m doing me and I’m rocking me.” For me, what’s different is that I take a completely unique approach to money mindset.

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I don’t think you can isolate it. I truly believe that in order for a woman to feel empowered when it comes to money in the entrepreneurial space, to charge your worth, to ask for what you believe you deserve, you have to be really strong and confident on the inside. You have to have a really strong sense of self-worth.

I believe that your self-worth will equal your net worth. The more work you do on yourself, the easier it becomes to earn in increasingly, ridiculously awesome amounts of money. Earning that is impossible if you don’t feel you’re worth it, if you don’t have the confidence, if you don’t believe in yourself, in your value, and what you bring to the world. I also believe that when you are in a relationship and you’re a mom and you’re a wife, your partnerships have everything in the world to do with your mindset and that it is essential to have a strong relationship. It is essential to be on the same page when it comes to money. This is the person you’re sharing things with. You’re also a role model for your kids and they reflect back to you what you show up and put out into the world.

In my programs, I encourage collaboration within the household. I encourage you to bring your partner in and do my programs with you. I encourage you to take this and teach it to your kids. In fact, I teach you how to bring mindset into your home. It’s not just you and your business, but it’s a really holistic experience. That is one example of being different. Where I’m from, in Michigan, we have steakhouses and there’s nothing like a wonderful steak. I apologize to the vegetarians and vegans, but I enjoy a really good fillet every once in awhile, and we have this thing called Zip Sauce. It’s a combination of purified butter and beef consommé. It’s reduced down. It’s absolutely fantastic and aromatic. You can smell it when you’re driving down the road.

You know if there is a steakhouse near because they use the Zip Sauce. I was talking to a friend in California and we were talking about steaks. I asked, “Do you have Zip Sauce there?”She had never heard of it and she was like, “That’s different. We don’t do that. We just cook the steak really well, so you don’t need steak sauce.” I’m like, “It’s not steak sauce, it’s Zip Sauce. It’s totally different.”She’s like, “Was it better? Is it better than the way that we do it?” I’m like, “No, not at all.”Sometimes, you just want to taste the steak and nothing else. It adds a little something.

We have a couple of restaurants in Downtown Detroit that are infamous. They’re connected. It’s a building in the middle of the road, almost. There are two Coney Islands and they’re famous for their hot dogs. It’s American Coney Island and Lafayette Coney Island. People come to Detroit and they get a hot dog from Lafayette and then they go to American and they get a hot dog there. People are constantly going, “Which one’s better?” You can’t compare them. They’re just different. They make their chili dogs entirely different, so how do you compare? You can’t. When you really hone into what makes you uniquely different, you become invaluable. You become your own unique entity. You become something that you can’t compare. It’s like saying apples to oranges. They’re not the same thing.

PPP 111 | Different Is Better

Different Is Better: Every time you get a compliment, write it down and keep it in a journal.

What is it that makes you different? What is it that you are uniquely good at? What do people always say to you? How do people compliment you?

If you don’t know, start recording these answers. Every time you get a compliment, write it down and keep it in a journal. Three months from now, you can go back and look, and you will be blown away at the things that people see when they look at you, the energy people feel when they’re around you. You will start to be enlightened as to what it is that makes people love and adore you. If you’re not already asking for feedback from your clients, start doing that. Ask them, “What made you decide to pick me? Why did you love working with me? What was different? Were you shopping around? Were you thinking about hiring other people? There’s a lot of people you could have chosen. Why me?” I guarantee you, it’s not what you think.

People will hire you because of the way you make them feel. People will hire you because of convenience or ease. People hire you because they feel akin to you or they feel an emotional connection. They feel like you’re one and the same, that instant connection. People will hire you because of your vibe. It’s the craziest things that you never ever think, and I guarantee you, more often than not, it’s not because of your price. When you are unique and you’re different, the price is not even an option.

Think about when you are starving. Have you ever been so hungry you felt like you could eat a horse? Maybe you haven’t eaten all day, or you just finished up a really long bike ride.

I’ve done a couple myself where they’re 50-mile bike rides. It doesn’t sound like much, but as soon as you ride 50 miles on a bike, up and down some hills or in 80-degree heat, you are famished. At that point, somebody, could put food in front of me and say, “This burger is $100.” I’m like, “Give it to me. I’ll take two.” You are starving, and would pay anything at that moment for food, for carbs, deep fried carbs, dipped in carbs, slathered with cheese, and probably with some ranch on top. If you can give me that, I will pay anything. Now offer that $100 burger to somebody who just ate. They don’t want it. They’re not hungry. That has no value to me right now. Totally different.

I’m not suggesting go prey on the desperate. I’m saying, “Think about it differently.” Take a step back and look at it with a bird’s eye view. I’m going to give some more examples of some of my own personal clients.

Judy, who owns a custom window treatment company, is different and unique because she does things from start to finish. She is full service. You need blinds or draperies for your windows, you could go to a company, go to the Home Depot, you could call Blinds To Go and all they’re trying to do is sell you something. They don’t care about the design. They don’t care about your happiness. They’re not focused on quality.

I’m not going to say that they don’t care. They’re companies, they care about the customers, but they’re not invested to the same level where she makes sure that you’re comfortable, that she finds you things within your budget, but more so, she designs her product specifically for you and your personal needs. The blinds, she might order, but she makes the stuff. She goes to her workshop and she physically is touching every aspect of what it is she’s creating for you from start to finish. That’s unique. You’re not going to find very many people that do that.

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Tara Bosler, who does my copywriting for me, was also a client. She started off as a client and I helped her jack up her prices and then I hired her. That’s how I roll. Tara is unique, and she has this amazing ability to capture your voice. She’s very casual, light-hearted, conversational, and she can take your conversational voice and put it into very professional copy. I’ve worked with a lot of copywriters. It isn’t that easy, so that is very unique.

Tiffany of the Kids Cooking School. Not only does she teach young children from grades five to eight how to cook and how to make meals, which is a very strong self-development skill that creates a strong sense of worth and empowerment and independence, but she also has conversations with them that they can take back to their own dinner tables around values and positive thinking. She’s priming them for success in more areas than just cooking. That is unique.

Sharissa Bradley is a health coach, a nutritionist. I have worked with a few and I know that sometimes you can feel restricted or you can feel as if you’re being talked down to. It can come with feelings of inadequacy when you’re working with somebody who’s trying to help you change your lifestyle. Sharissa is different. If you’re like, “I need tequila in my diet, can you help me make this work?” She’s like, “Yes, I understand. Let’s make sure that you still can enjoy your life and maintain the lifestyle and quality life that you want while also getting healthy and getting rid of the medical conditions that are ailing you.” That is unique. Not every nutritionist operates that way.

PPP 111 | Different Is Better

Different Is Better: Notice how your values and your beliefs and what you stand for are very much in alignment with why people hire you, even if you’re not putting it out there.

I want you to think, “How did any of these examples spark something for you?”You’ll notice the ones that I gave, I never mentioned the price and it’s not just, “What do I do?” the features of what these women do in their business. It’s how they make their customers feel. It’s the unique relationship that they have. It’s what they stand for, what they value, what’s important to them in business. That translates over into their relationships with their clients and that is the same thing for you. What do you value? What do you stand for? What do you believe in? Answer those questions and get some feedback from your clients. Start to ask the question, “Why did you hire me?”

Notice how those two things line up. Notice how your values and your beliefs and what you stand for are very much in alignment with why people hire you, even if you’re not putting it out there. Those underlying principles, those underlying beliefs, those radiate from you. It’s part of your energy. It’s part of your aura. It’s part of the magnetism that you put out into the world. You attract people that are like you. The clearer you are on who you are, the more valuable you become.

You can do this. I believe in you, so take a little time, go back, take some notes, share this episode.

Do you know somebody who is in business and is struggling to take it to the next level? Do you know somebody that needs to hear this message? Please share it with them. Post it on your Facebook wall, share it on Instagram, send it to somebody in a direct message or an email. Let them know you care and let them know that you are here for them and you are supporting their unique value. Then you have a partner in crime, a business bestie. You can do this together.

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