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When you are a manifesting queen, it feels like magic.

The other day I was talking about manifesting with my husband and equated it to magic.

As you know, I’m on a fun, spiritual, woo kick. I call it woo because I used to think that it was so far out there it’s ridiculous. But now, I know it is so much fun that I’m totally into it.

Magic has been a fun word and whenever we manifest in the house I say, “Oh it’s like magic!” My husband is totally on board with the manifesting thing because we are both pretty good manifestors. As I said that it was like magic, he laughed and walked away toward the bathroom whistling that song from the 80s “You can do magic!” He turns on Pandora and that song was on. He turned around with stone cold shoon in his face and looked at me and said WOAH that’s weird.

Any other song, probably would not be as powerful or gotten his attention, and that’s why I say it’s like magic.


In actuality, though, this is a very serious subject. This is your life and your desires.

The beautiful thing about this universe is that we get to co-create with it.

Every once in awhile, I find myself in a religious conversation. I’m not super into religion debates, especially because my belief is not normal. I believe that if you believe in it, you’re right. If it works for you and you’re a good person and doing good in the world, then I’m good with it.

But it does bother me when I hear people say “I am not in control in my life because God has a plan for me.” What you’re really saying is that you’re giving up when really God wants to co-create with you.

What is manifesting, anyway?

Manifesting is really just a fun word that describes your sense of control over what happens. You are in the driver seat and you get to steer the wheel. God is giving you the gas, but you are the driver.

It simply means to set an intention and then forget about it and wait for it to happen.

You manifest all the time whether you realize it or not.

If you choose not to take control, you are manifesting things that are not serving you.

If you choose to take control and master this process you are going to manifest things that are constantly bringing good to your life and the world around you.

Manifestation in Everyday Life

How many times have you thought about somebody and set an intention to call them but forget about it in the busy-ness? That person calls you and gets in touch with you. You manifested that connection.

Think back to a time when you set an intention but you weren’t super attached to it. You believed it would be great if it happened but I don’t need it. That’s what manifesting is all about.

How is it magical?

Manifestation requires a good vibrational alignment for emotional receiving – a vibration of love, gratitude, joy. You have to be in a good place emotionally for manifesting to happen with ease.

On the flipside, you don’t want to set a manifestation from a place of lack. You have to be in positive expectation when you set that out into the universe. Then you have to let go. That is when the magic happens.

You become a manifesting queen and that is when you get to take control of your universe. You get to bring everything you ever desired to you and more and people begin to call you lucky.

Let’s Chat More

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  • 2:58  This is your life we are talking about, your desires. If you want something you have the power and control to make it happen. Why would you leave that up to chance?
  • 4:24 God wants to get in touch with what’s inside. He gave you a gift when you came here and that gift is meant to be discovered, explored and pursued. If you’re not doing that, you’re living in a state of denial.
  • 5:48 You are either manifesting for your higher good or against it.


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