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Transform your dreams into a profitable

Life coaching business!


If you’re ready to
make money while making a positive impact. . .

Book a Call Today to learn how to start making a living as a life coach! 

Life Coach MBA is what you’ve been waiting for if you…

✓ Long for a business that is both fulfilling and financially abundant.

✓ Desire to be booked up with coaching clients who value your work and are happy to pay you for the impact you makes in their lives.

✓ Are ready to step into your greatness and become the coach you were always meant to be.

✓ Want nothing more than to be financially successful—earning enough to pay off debt, vacation and say “yes” to the things you love.

✓ Dream of a life of alignment, freedom, abundance and purpose.

✓ Are ready to become a money-making coach. . . and you’re ready to start now!

What’s Inside
Life coach MBA?

Each month inside Life Coach MBA, I’ll coach you through a business-building project that includes both a physical element and a mindset component. So that as you build, grow and scale your coaching business, you’ll also be developing the mindset necessary to put yourself out into the world as a confident expert, excited to share your work with the world!

Money Mindset & Pricing

Packaging Your Offers and Pricing for Your Value

An unhealthy money mindset is the number one cause of failure among new entrepreneurs. We are going to focus on what makes you uniquely valuable and  create a menu of perfectly priced packages that honor your worth and gets your clients so excited about what you offer, they can’t wait to get started!

What we’ll do together:


  • Master your money mindset and get you to a place where you feel confident about your value and your expertise.
  • Create your customized coaching packages and price them in a way that honors your value and puts profit in your pocket.
  • Prepare templates that you can customize in just minutes to make sending client proposals breeze.

Coaching Skills

The skills that will set you apart as a transformational coach

Whether you received a coaching certification or are going into the field of coaching armed with years of experience in your field, expanding your skill box is an essential part of your professional growth. In this program, you’ll learn the essential skills that will help your clients get to the breakthroughs that lead to major shifts and transformations!

What you’ll learn how to:


  • Create an environment that cultivates breakthroughs.
  • Prepare an agenda for a coaching session.
  • Conduct a transformative coaching session.
  • Apply different coaching techniques during a session to help the client achieve results.

Sales (the authentic way)

Book Yourself Solid with Convos that Convert

Selling is a necessary step in building a profitable business, which is why we dedicate this month to learning the secrets of authentic selling without feeling guilty, pushy or salesy and helping you overcome your fears of rejection and failure so that selling can feel las easy and natural as talking to your BFF.

What we’ll create together:

  •  Create a sales process that feels authentic and is personalized to your style (and takes people from a “maybe” to a “yes!” in a way that feels easy and honest. 
  • Discovery call checklists that help you determine if a client is the right “fit” and scripts so you know what to say if they are (and if they’re not).  
  • A fearless mindset – no more fearing failure or rejection—ever! 
  • Confidence to promote yourself and have sales convos with like a pro! 

Marketing Strategy

Client Attraction for Your Personality Type

The only way to convert prospects into paying clients is to let them know you’re available and ready to help them! By creating a marketing plan centered around your personality type, you’ll be able to stick with your marketing plan for the long run, execute it with ease and attract clients that are perfect for you in every way!

What we’ll create together:


  • A fast-action marketing plan to attract your first (or next) coaching client.
  • A 12-month marketing plan and monthly action plan so you know exactly what to do and how to do it.
  • An authentic elevator pitch, so you know how to tell people what you do (this is not the traditional pitch at all!
  • A toolbox of ready-to-release content that allows you to schedule a whole month of marketing into an hour a week!

Branding & Messaging

Branding that Makes You Stand Out

The foundations to every successful business is clear messaging and memorable branding that sets you apart from the crowd. This is more that just pretty colors and a fancy logo—It’s about the vibe people get when they interact with your brand! We’re going to make sure you have everything you need to look professional online (and off)!

What we’ll do together:  


  • Create clearly defined goals for your business.
  • Define your ideal client how to communicate your expertise in a way that represents you and really resonates with your ideal clients.
  • Create an online brand presence that is professional and speaks to your ideal clients.
  • Write the essential pieces of copy needed to showcase yourself as an expert online.

Fears & Limiting Beliefs

Owning your Expertise as a Coach 

Money mindset isn’t the only mental barrier to business success. For coaches, there it’s the fear of disappointing their clients. We’re going to do some major mental reprogramming to blast through those fears and help you own your expertise so that you feel 100% ready to start serving your tribe and making a difference.

What we’ll do together:


  • Identify all the fears that are stopping you from sharing your gift and making a difference.
  • Discover what makes you uniquely qualified to do this work (even if you have no “formal” experience as a coach.
  • Learn how to conquer doubt, fear and limiting beliefs so that you can become truly unstoppable!

Client Management Systems

Raving Fans + Recurring Revenue

In business—especially coaching—your reputation is everything! You’ll learn how to manage client relationships, handle difficult client situations and turn every client into a raving fan that leaves you a positive review and sends you referrals for years to come!

What we’ll create together:


  • A client agreement customized to your business.
  • A system that takes clients on a journey to success—from onboarding to coaching sessions to post-client follow up.
  • Scripts and templates to ask for testimonials and referrals.
  • Confidence around your communication skills, so that you can handles conflicts and have assertive conversations with professionalism and confidence.

Systems & Automation

Systemizing Your Business for Recurring Income

Sales funnels, systems, organization and automations—everything you need to take your business to the next level through the use of technology and processes that will allow you to grow your income while working much less than ever before!

What we’ll create together:


  • An email funnel that nurtures your tribe (without you even having to touch a keyboard!)
  • A sales funnel that sells your services without you having to do a thing.
  • A time management system to increase profit and productivity in less time (which means more time off!)
  • Systems for superior client follow up and service.
  • Inbox and time management systems.
  • Digital Media Management Systems.

our no student left behind  


Inside Life Coach MBA, we are determined to help you succeed, which is why we’ve invested so much into giving you the business and mindset tools you need, every step of the way. From curriculum to private coaching and tutoring to business audits and content reviews to support even after the program has ended.

. . . As a Life Coach MBA student and grad, you’ll always have the tools and support you need to reach your goals!


Guided Curriculum

Each month I’ll guide you through developing various aspects of your business. This will be a mix of recorded lessons and live interactive lessons. (All lessons will be recorded and made immediately available). Each month you’ll walk away with tangible takeaways, a plan to keep you moving forward and the support you need to take action with confidence.

One-on-One Coaching

There will be opportunities for one-on-one support each week for us to meet and review your work, discuss progress and take any steps necessary to ensure that you are maintaining a healthy mindset, moving forward and reaching your business goals. These coaching times will vary so that there is always additional support available to you when you need it.

Peer Support Sessions

Just like a college course, everyone in class will be working on the same things at the same time and because there is true power in peer collaboration, we’ll meet as a group for (optional) calls each month to discuss progress, brainstorm ideas, ask for feedback, work through mindset blocks. *Peer Sessions are offered as part of the group program only, and not in the private coaching option. 

3 Months of Alumni Support

The program is designed to help you make your investment back in 6 months, but I know you’ll still have questions and need a little extra support beyond that, so I’ve added in three (3) months of additional support calls to help you transition out of the academy with an action plan so that you can keep growing long after MBA is over!


to See if LIFE coach MBA is Right For You!

What You Can


  1. When you click the button, you’ll be taken to a calendar where you’ll choose a day and time that works best for your schedule.
  2. We’ll chat for 20 minutes via a video call where I’ll ask you about your business and goals and tell you how Life Coach MBA works and you’ll ask me questions to see if it feels right for you.
  3. If it feels like a perfect fit, we’ll talk about next steps.

Are you ready to find out if Life Coach MBA is the program you’ve been waiting for?

client testimonials

Working with Tonya is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. She has a special energy that helps you understand that your wildest dreams are not only possible, but that they’re already in your grasp just waiting to be realized. Working with her has changed my life!
Lizzy Russinko

Tonya has been instrumental in my success both financially and emotionally! She has a very candid way of speaking and teaching that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything you want to. Her education style can match anyone’s needs as she adjusts to fit each person. Without Tonya’s help this year in both a coaching setting, as well as a group setting, I would still have years worth of learning to do!
Sharissa Bradley

Tonya helped me create a plan and a system for my business that feels good, but more importantly, the mindset that made me believe that I CAN do this! And now I am! If you’re thinking about working with Tonya, you absolutely should! She’s amazing!
Danielle Tenconi

Hello, I’m


I help passionate people turn their coaching dreams into profitable, impactful businesses by encouraging them to take strategic action and helping them get past the mental and emotional “stuff” that keeps them from making the money they want and reaching the levels of success they desire. I’ve coached and mentored hundreds of coaches, consultants and service providers on how to turn their passion into a thriving business by embracing their value, elevating their confidence, expanding their marketing and client management skills and leveraging their expertise, helping them to make a living doing what they love.

I created the Life Coach MBA program to fill a gap in the business world. The clients I work with are smart, passionate and extremely skilled in what they do. But when it comes to taking the actions that lead to results, they tend to get paralyzed by decisions, overwhelmed with what to focus on and what actions to take and triggered by feelings of doubt and fear. They end up stuck—dreaming about a business that fills their hearts and bank accounts, but not actually doing much to create it.

That’s because most new business owners—while amazing at what they do—don’t have the business skills or bulletproof mindset required to achieve among the achievers. That’s where I come in: I’ll help you create a plan that are workable, feels good and gets your results!

If you dream of a business that you love waking up to every morning, and you’re ready to put in the time, energy and effort required to make that dream a reality, let’s talk about getting you enrolled in Life Coach MBA and start making it happen!


2 Ways to Join MBA

Group Coaching

+ MBA LIVE – 5-Day VIP Experience 

This is the group coaching version of the Life Coach MBA program that includes a LIVE 5-day VIP Experience with Tonya to kickstart the program so that you can do the business-building and implementation work together in real time! By meeting in person, you’ll get six months worth of implementation done in a week, allowing you to spend the remainder of your time in the program getting clients and growing your business!


Inside the group version of Life Coach MBA, you’ll get: 

  • Live Lessons to help you master your mindset, build your business and become transformational coach with a waitlist of clients!
  • Group Coaching Sessions to to ask questions and get support as you implement what you’re learning each week.
  • A week with Tonya LIVE in her hometown in Michigan. In an intimate setting, you’ll get 5 full days of attention and support, customized to your business, walking away with clarity, a professional web presence, a rockstar money mindset, a pricing plan & promo materials, and a marketing plan—everything you need to start taking clients and making money as a life coach! 
  • Nine (9) full months of coaching and support to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be—as both a life-changing coach and business owner—so that you can make a positive impact on the world and a financial impact in your personal life.


This program is everything I wish I had when I first started coaching. It is my mission to support you in all the areas that are important to your success as a coach and entrepreneur. I am limiting the enrollment in this program to a handful of members so that I can be fully present to support you.

Enrollment opens again in Fall of 2020

*The group version of this program opens for enrollment once per year. If this is something you’re serious about, be sure to get on the waitlist so that when we start taking applications, you’re the first to know!

Private Coaching

+ MBA LIVE – a 5-Day VIP Experience 

This is the one-on-one coaching version of the program that allows us to fully customize the Life Coach MBA program to meet your needs. We’ll meet for private sessions each week to talk about your goals and create an action plan. And you’ll have access to me between sessions to ask questions, get help working through blocks and get support as you put yourself out there and take action to grow your business in a BIG way!  


Inside the group version of Life Coach MBA, you’ll get: 

      • Private coaching sessions with me each week focused on YOU and your business. 
      • Direct access to me between sessions via phone and/or Voxer to get real time support when you need it most.
      • A week with Tonya LIVE in her hometown in Michigan. In an intimate setting, you’ll get 5 full days of attention and support, customized to your business, walking away with clarity, a professional web presence, a rockstar money mindset, a pricing plan & promo materials, and a marketing plan—everything you need to start taking clients and making money as a life coach!
      • Nine (9) full months of coaching and support to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be—as both a life-changing coach and business owner—so that you can make a positive impact on the world and a financial impact in your personal life.

As a coach, itt is my mission to support you in all the areas that are important to your success as a coach and entrepreneur. When we work together one-on-one, I am your personal accountability partner—You have BIG plans for where you want to go. . . together we can get you there!

Get Started Right Away!

Now accepting clients for Spring 2020

*I work privately with only a handful of clients at a time. If working with me privately is something you’d like to explore, schedule a complimentary consultation by clicking the button below.

Commonly Asked Questions

+ Where will we meet for the LIVE Experience?

The exact location is TBD. What I do know, is that we’ll be meeting in Michigan. (Depending on the group size, we may even meet in my home). The week will be comfortable, intimate and insanely productive. What we will do together in one week will be equivelant to what most people do in six months. This week is going to raise your vibe so high. . . it will blow your mind!

+ What can I expect at the LIVE Experience?

We’ll have a 5-day agenda (we can discuss details on our consultation call) that will cover everything from mindset work, creating an online presense, pricing, putting yourself out there and marketing your business. The goal is to send you home with a business that is built and ready to presen to the world (along with the confidence to get out there and start attracting and serving clients)! 

Of course, it wouln’t be a week with me if we didn’t have a little fun, too! So once we finish our work for the day, we’ll head out on the town to play! Michigan is beautiful in the fall and I am excited to show you around my favorite places! 

This week is more than just business-building, it’s about increasing confidence, building relationships with like-minded people and elevating your life to new levels. 

I’m careful to not make promises I can’t keep, but I promise you this. . . this will be a week that will change your life! 

+ What is the investment for the Life Coach MBA program?

There are several options available, starting at $4,997. The various options allow us to customize the program to meet your needs. If you’d like to learn more and explore which option is best for you, schedule a complementary consultation with Tonya to talk it through.

+ Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! We want to make your investment as affordable as possible. There are several payment plans available. 

+ How long is the Life Coach MBA program?

The program will take six months to complete. However, because we know life happens and sometimes you fall behind, we’ve added an additional three (3) months of coaching to support you in meeting your business goals even after MBA is over.

+ Is there a commitment?

While we do take great care to enroll applicants that are serious about completing the program, there is no commitment. If, you find that Life Coach MBA is not for you, you may opt-out at any time.

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