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Today we’re talking about manifesting routines, specifically how to use a morning routine to manifest more money and attract more wealth into your life. We all are open to receiving more money, right? That’s always a good thing. We could do so much good in the world with money. It’s a tool for us to create more happiness and abundance and to get around the world and teach and share and enjoy life. Money is not good or bad. It’s simply a tool and the more tools we have, the more we can build and create with them. So yeah, let’s attract more of it, right?

But, in order to attract more money, we have to know a few things. We have to be really clear about what it is that we want. How much money we want and why. We have to be aligned with the energy of receiving that money and believe it’s possible.

Now, I talked about these things in last week’s episode. We talked about why the law of attraction may not be working for you and what to do about it. And if you’ve already listened to that episode, great, you’re ready for this one. If you have not, I suggest you go back and listen to that one so you fully understand the three steps we’re talking about in today’s episode as we get into visualization, gratitude, and affirmations. So that’s it. That’s the morning routine.

Listen to the podcast:

If you spend three minutes on visualization, three minutes on gratitude, and three minutes affirming, meaning digging in your brain to find the proof that what it is that you desire is possible, you are going to get into that manifestation zone.

Now, you could spend 10 minutes doing this every morning. You could boost your manifesting power by doing this in the afternoon and again in the evening, which the more the merrier, right? The more effort and energy you put into your goals, the faster you are going to attract them to you. As long as those goals are always coming from a high vibe place, you’re always feeling good. You’re never needy or desperate. So let’s break down this morning routine: visualization, gratitude, and affirmations. What to do and why are they so important?

DO: Visualization

Visualization helps you to get super clear on what it is that you want and why. Spending a few minutes in your mind creating a movie, a mental picture with as much detail as possible where you are engaging your senses, you are immersing yourself into a scenario in which you’ve already achieved the money you want. So, how much money do you desire specifically? What’s that number? You don’t want to come at manifestation with the request of, “I just want more money. I don’t have enough. I just need enough. I just need enough to pay my bills. I just need enough to pay off my credit cards. I just need enough to get by.”

What is enough? What is that number? What does that even mean?

If you’re not clear, you’re kind of letting the universe guess, right? And, we don’t want to guess. If you say more, I just need more, the universe could send you nickels. You might start finding nickels on the ground. You might not even realize that it’s happening. Nickels or pennies. If you just say, “I need more money, I want more money, I desire more money,” what might happen is you might start finding pennies on the ground. You won’t even notice that this is the universe’s way of responding to your request to giving you what it is you asked for. That’s more, but you weren’t specific. You didn’t say, “I would like to earn $100,000 this year. I would like to manifest $100,000. I would like my bank account to read $50,000 without me having to touch it. I want my savings accounts to have that much in it comfortably.” Right? Get specific about what it is you want, and what it’s going to feel like to have this.

WHY: Visualization

So, what is the purpose? What’s the reason? Do you want to feel secure, independent, relaxed, calm, abundant? What are you going to use the money for? Is it just to chill and hang out in the bank so that you feel secure knowing that it’s there? Are you using this to travel the world, to buy a house, to send your kids to college? And, what does accomplishing these things do for you? Really imagine yourself living this life, spending the money, or looking at your bank balance and feeling that security. And then, in your mind’s eye, paint a mental picture as if you are watching a movie, and see what that looks like. Paint all the details. And then, once you’re clear about the details, step into that movie and actually let yourself feel the way that it feels. And, continue to do this every morning.

It only takes a couple of minutes and the more you practice it, the more familiar the image is going to be for you, and the easier it’s going to be for you to get into that image. It won’t take as long to paint the details and to conjure up those feelings, because the more you repeat something in your mind, the stronger that neural pathway gets. Your brain remembers it. It becomes a pattern. And, the easier it is to recall those images next time you want to recall them. And the more you do this, the more clear you’re going to continue to get every time you visualize, the more detail you’re going to be able to pull in, the more intense those emotions are going to be, and the more you are awakening your mind to the possibilities and the opportunities in your world that will help you to achieve that goal. You’re basically changing your mental filter this way. So, this is a really, really important part of the process. Daily visualization.

DO: Gratitude

Now, the second part of this morning money manifesting routine is gratitude. It’s aligning with the energy of what already exists in order to align with the energy of what you want. Does that make sense? So you want money, you’ve just decided why you want it and how it is going to feel when you get this certain number. Now, what in your life already gives you that same emotion? Now, it might be current money that you have. So, you know, we all want more money, but it’s not like we don’t have any. It’s not like we don’t own possessions. We are very fortunate. We live in a culture where we have roofs over our heads and heat and air conditioning and vehicles to drive. We have an ability to put gas in those vehicles. We can buy food. It comes easily. We don’t have to go hunt for it, right? We use money for all of those things.

So, allowing yourself to really connect to what does money do for you now? Why is it that you’re already grateful for money? How does spending that money, earning that money, saving that money, managing that money, make you feel? And, connect with positive emotions. Connect with the emotions that feel good, the emotions that you want to feel more of, the ones that you identified and named in that visualization exercise. And really take a moment, two minutes, three minutes, to count your blessings, to notice and appreciate what you already have and allow yourself to feel that appreciation, to connect and align with it.

WHY: Gratitude

And that is a really high-vibe emotion. It aligns you with the energy of more of that same thing. And then, finally, you want to strengthen these pathways that you’re building. So, you’ve created the vision in your mind with the visualization exercise and then you’ve really connected to the way that it already feels in the here and now. And now, you want to reinforce the probability that this is going to continue to happen for you. And, the way that you do that is you search your environment, your world, your reality for proof that it is possible, that it’s already happened, that it’s going to continue to happen. And you affirm this belief, this faith.

DO: Affirmations

So, you’re looking to attract more money into your life. You know that it feels really good to have this money and it felt good to have it in the past. What you have now feels good and it feels very abundant.

And, you can start to go, “Okay, well, what proof do I have in my own life that tells me that I am capable of earning more money? Have I progressively increased my income in the past? Do I attract clients into my business? Do I do a really good job at work? Do I have skills that are marketable? Is it possible that I could get a promotion? Is it possible that I could go work somewhere else for more pay? Is it possible that money could come in from an unknown source or an unknown opportunity? Has that ever happened to me before? Has that ever happened to anybody that I know? Are these possibilities? Where might the money come from? I don’t know. It’s not my job to know, but I am aware that lots of different opportunities are possible and I’m affirming that they’re possible for me. I’m good enough. I am deserving. I am worthy. I can attract this. I can make this happen. I can handle it when it comes. I’ll be ready when the opportunity comes. I’m confident enough to make a decision that will lead me in the direction of the income I desire. I’m confident that I’ll be able to handle it. I am comfortable with excess money. It is safe for me to be wealthy. It is safe for me to have $50,000 in the bank.”

WHY: Affirmations

And, you want to keep repeating these affirmations, whatever it is that you personally need to believe. Keep repeating them, and keep amassing proof so that the more you say it, the more you hear yourself say it, the more you connect with the thought, the more you will reinforce the belief. And, you will slowly start to eliminate the limiting beliefs, the sabotaging beliefs, the destructive thought patterns that cause you to subconsciously block this abundance from coming into your life.

It is so simple. It seems like it should be more complicated, doesn’t it? But it’s not. It’s a matter of rinse and repeat. It’s repetition. It’s doing the work to keep your vibe high and noticing any negative emotions or thoughts that are derailing you along the way, and doing the work to unblock yourself from those, to remove those thought processes and toxic emotions so that they aren’t controlling you and they aren’t bringing your vibe down, so that you can stay in this high-vibe, energy of manifestation. In 10 minutes a day, it will change your world.

Do this every day for the next three weeks and report back to me. Let me know what happens. Tell me about all the wonderful abundance you are manifesting. I love, love, love getting letters from podcast listeners that have applied these principles and are getting results. I love celebrating wins with you. It lights up my day. So, nothing makes me more excited than knowing that this is making a difference in your life. So, definitely reach out to me and let me know how this helps. And meanwhile, keep at it. You deserve all the abundance in the world that you desire, and it can be yours.

If you are enjoying this podcast and want more of the tips and tools to help you take these concepts and apply them to your life to take it to the next level, make sure you head on over to TonyaRineer.com/tribe and join my free tribe so that you can get access to all the tools that I share there and nowhere else. Until next time, happy manifesting.

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