Do you want to keep talking about your money mindset
or are you ready to do something about it?
If you are a woman and you:

Are at your best when you're helping others. 

Want to earn more doing what you love (without feeling guilty or weird about it).

Are doing all the things you should be doing in your business, but feel like nothing is working.

Get anxiety at the thought of managing money, setting prices, telling clients what you charge, asking for the sale or having money conversations .

Know you have limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, but you're not sure exactly what they are or how to overcome them. 

Are ready to kick your money blocks to the curb and start making the money you deserve!

I created MoneyVibes Bootcamp just for you!
This program is like no other money mindset program out there.

MoneyVibes Bootcamp isn’t only research-based, results-oriented and actionable, it’s also the only program that helps you transform the core beliefs that are blocking you from earning (and keeping) the money you deserve.

You know those feelings of doubt and anxiety that come up whenever you hear the word budget, open your mail, tell people how much you want to earn, or talk about money? We're going to change the way you feel about all these things and so much more! 

MoneyVibes Bootcamp focuses on four things: 

1. The way you feel about money.

Money is attracted to those who respect it, feel comfortable managing it, and love earning it, saving it and spending it. Money is energy. And it wants to flow into your life, but if you have weird feelings around it, it will avoid you. 

2. The way you feel about yourself! 
In business, though, a healthy relationship with money isn't enough. You have to feel worthy and deserving of the money you earn. If you have core beliefs that cause you to feel like others are more deserving or valuable than you, or if you feel bad or guilty taking money from others, you're out of alignment. You must believe in your worth to attract the abundance you desire. 

3. Your vibration
Maintaining a high vibe is essential to attracting money easily. It's one thing to love money and feel worthy of it, but when you align yourself with the energy of abundance, you tap into the real power of the Law of Attraction and only then will money will start showing up out of the blue! Mastering your vibe will get you on the fast track to attracting money in ways you would have never expected. 

4. Coaching
Entrepreneurship can feel lonely sometimes. And talking to your sister, neighbor and the lady at the library (while therapeutic) doesn't always result in the best advice. You need a coach who gets it and knows what you're going through! As you go through the course, you're going to have questions and there will be times you need a little direction. Just ask! Tonya hangs out inside the discussion forum daily to answer your questions, guide you and help you apply the content inside the course to your real life situation. As long as you're part of our family, you'll never be alone!
At the end of this transformational money mindset program, you will know how to: 
Identify your limiting beliefs & know how to overcome them when they show up.
Feel confident owning your value and asking for what you desire and deserve.
Shift your perspective on any problem so that you can solve it quickly and easily.
Control your vibration so that you can align with abundance and manifest the money you desire with ease. 
Achieve true clarity and start taking inspired action to achieve your money goals. 

Receive money with gratitude and ease to you while you enjoy what it feels like to live comfortably and feel financially free. 

Annette Bevers
"MoneyVibes Bootcamp is life-changing! It gave me the support and motivation I needed to make true shifts in my money mindset. I have gained a new level of clarity around my limiting beliefs and have been able to take specific actions to move forward in my business and in my personal life with regards to money. I will definitely be going back through the lessons again and again to make sure I stay on track!"
Latoya Dixon Smith
Latoya Dixon Photography
"At first I was contemplating investing in MoneyVibes Bootcamp because I knew I didn't have the money for at the time. But I put my faith in the Universe providing a way, and invested in it anyway. MoneyVibes Bootcamp has been so transformational for me in how I view my self-worthiness, how I shape my thoughts, beliefs, and feelings around money, and how I can increase my emotional state in order to invite more abundance into my life."
Breanna Gunn
Breanna Gunn Enterprises
"If you struggle with your self worth, or feel like you never have enough money, you need to learn how to raise your vibe. This is something that we all feel like we can do...but we don't actually do it (or don't know how). Tonya is amazing and the work that she does with you will completely change how you feel about the things you surround yourself with and will help you fix your money vibe AND your self worth."
What You'll Learn to Do Inside MoneyVibes Bootcamp:

Discover Your Truth - Get intentional about your money, decide what you want to attract and start creating money-making momentum. 

Create Better Money Habits - Become aware of how you’re standing in your own way so you can create better habits and keep the money you earn. 
Reprogram Your Money Beliefs - Shift your limiting beliefs about money and learn how to take massive action toward earning the money you want. 
Raise Your Standards - Decide what you're worth and learn how to hold the world to living up to your standards. 
Align with Abundance - Learn how to shift your vibe so that money flows effortlessly and easily into your life. 


Money Mindset
Discover your hidden money beliefs, release hidden blocks, change sabotaging habits and start earning, saving, spending and managing money like a boss! 
Exercises and meditations that will boost your confidence and have you believing in yourself & your worth so you can take action with ease. This work will change your life--BIGTIME!
High Vibe

Fun, high-energy weekly challenges that make it easy to implement the lessons, raise your vibe high and achieve your goals. (This is fun for your entire family, too!)


Inside the course, you'll have daily access to Tonya inside a community forum to ask questions, share ideas and get coaching on all things Money Mindset! 

Stacy Firth
Content Coach
"Before working with Tonya, I was lacking confidence, feeling anxious about not having a plan and also felt a little unprepared to be a business owner-even though I had been doing it for almost 4 years- and I was subconsciously letting those negative vibes bring me and my business down. Now, I own my worth and I am manifesting the clients I want to work with and the good vibes just continue to grow."
Mallory Schlabach
Marketing Coach
"Working on my money mindset has affected more than just my business. It's transformed my family's relationship with money too. We went from being stressed out about a lack of money all the time, to being excited and feeling confident about it. I also was able to get rid of some of my blocks about charging money, having sales conversations and some other woo-woo type things that would normally have made me run in the opposite direction."
Lizzy Russinko
Retreat Roadmap
"Working with Tonya is unlike any other anything you’ve ever experienced. She has a special energy that helps you really understand that your wildest dreams are not only possible, but that they are already in your grasp just waiting to be realized. Unlike most investments, working with her to change your mindset will actually change your life."
So if the real question on your mind is: Can this wait? 

Here's what I'd say to you: This is your journey.
Your mindset is the root cause off all things in your life--both good and bad. The sooner you learn how to work with your own thoughts, the more in alignment you'll be with what you want in life, and the easier it will be to feel fulfilled, stress-free and happy. 

You want to make an impact, you want to feel more successful, and you want more money.  But nothing is going to change until you do the inner work to remove the blocks that are keeping you stuck where you're at right now. You've got to get your mindset on point! 

You have a choice: either ignore what your gut is telling you and keep investing time and money into learning the latest trends the gurus are selling and hope that they work. Or you can listen to your intuition and learn the tools and strategies that will teach you how to align with the energies of flow and abundance. 
Either way, the choice is yours.
The real question is: Do you want more of the same results you've been getting? Or are you ready get out of your own way and start feeling confident, worthy and in control when it comes to money?

You’ve heard me talk about it on the Profit Party podcast, you’ve heard Oprah, James Wedmore, Jim Carrey, Gabby Bernstein and others talking about it - you know it’s true. Your mindset matters. Actually, it matters more than anything else! Whether you do the work now or later will determine when you get to start creating your dream life. 
I want to help you. But first, you have to decide, are you ready to invest in yourself? ​​​​​​​


Clarity around your blocks so you can finally bust through them

An actual system to create the kind of beliefs you want to have for your life and business
Expert guidance to help you understand the what, why, and how behind reprogramming your mindset for success. 

A high-vibe tribe that is shifting their energy right alongside of you.

Massive love and support so you’re not trying to do this on your own anymore.

Hi there! I'm Tonya. I'm a wife, a mom and a Michigan gal, an author of the best-selling book, Mindset Switch and host of the Raise Your Vibe podcast. My highest calling, though, is to help women around the world get past the mental and emotional "stuff" that keeps them from living the life they deserve. 

​​​​​​​Over the years, I've coached and mentored hundreds of women—business owners, teachers, CEO's and working moms—and I've found that each of these women is so much more then they give themselves credit for. 

I created MoneyVibes Boot Camp as a response to what I’ve seen many of my clients struggle with. They have a deep desire to succeed--and the work ethic to back it up--but their money mindset stops all their abundance from flowing freely to them because deep down their beliefs about money block them from reaching their greatest potential. 

Here's the truth: It doesn't matter how hard you work or how many new tactics and strategies you try. If your money mindset is a mess, you'll never be able to attract (and keep) the amount of money that makes you feel comfortable, abundant and free. 

There’s a reason you’re here. You know that working on your money mindset is the exact thing you need to get  un-stuck. If you're ready to do the mindset work, I'm ready to guide you.

What recent MoneyVibes Bootcamp grads are saying:
"Since joining MoneyVibes Bootcamp I have made back the investment and recommend it to anyone who feels stuck wherever they are financially either in their home life or in business."
-Latoya Dixon Smith
"MoneyVibes Bootcamp, dives into so many more topics than you'd expect--everything from goal setting to improving your mood to how to live in abundance! There are so many practical lessons and tools for implementing in every day life - these tools are game changers. In the process of going through this course, I discovered the root of the anxiety that I had been experiencing for 3+ years & consequently the anxiety has lost its grip on me! The content that Tonya shared in MVB has empowered me to be a stronger woman & business owner! I am in a much better headspace than I have been in years!"
-Sarah Bear
"If you struggle with your self worth, or feel like you never have enough money, you need to learn how to raise your vibe. This is something that we all feel like we can do...but we don't actually do it (or don't know how). Tonya is amazing and the work that she does with you in MoneyVibes Bootcamp will completely change how you feel about the things you surround yourself with and will help you fix your money vibe AND your self-worth."
-Breanna Gunn
Let's do this!
*30 Day Money Back Guarantee*
I am 100% confident that you're going to love Money ibes Bootcamp!
if you don't love it, just email me (with your completed homework) within 30 days for a full refund.