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Today, I want to talk about manifesting rituals, specifically my morning manifesting routine. I think manifesting routines or rituals are so important in the morning because sleep resets us. When we wake up in the morning we have a choice. We can choose at that point to elevate our vibe and in a high-vibe way, where anything is possible, or we can complain and we can choose not to step into that high-vibe place. Either way, it’s a choice.

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People always ask me about my manifestation rituals, so I created some fun things for you.

One is a free manifesting guide where I legit lay out my manifesting system in 5 easy steps. If you want that, click here.

I like to start my morning with a very calming, centering, high-vibe routine where I am very clear about what I want and I’m seeing it coming true, decluttering any negative thoughts and feelings. I’m taking inspired action and getting into a high-vibe place and getting into alignment with the Universe. From that place my desires can manifest.

Let me break it down for you and tell you exactly what I do in the morning.


The first thing I do is stumble into all of the walls on the way to my Keurig and I make my cup of coffee. I go to my favorite chair by the window where there is a lot of light. I sit down and while I drink my coffee, I do my morning visualizations. It’s a quiet meditation. I close my eyes and visualize my desires as if they have already happened. I get really involved in this. I try to involve my senses and engage my emotions. I see it happen as if I’m reliving a memory.  I know exactly what I want to happen and I just need to tune in and see it so my brain is like “Ok, sure, been there done that! We can do that again.”

Visualization is the first thing I do. I do that while I’m sipping my cup of coffee and I take my time. Usually it is cold by the time I finish my cup.

My Morning Manifesting Ritual: Manifesting routines or rituals are so important in the morning because sleep resets us. When we wake up in the morning we have a choice.

Calendar Check

Then I look at my calendar for the day and say, “Ok, what is on my calendar? What is on my task list?”

I personally leave a ton of white space on my calendar. When my calendar is filled to the brim with a bazillion obligations and responsibilities, I get anxiety. It freaks me out. I feel claustrophobic and restricted and that takes away all of my freedom. That is not in alignment with how I like to operate. So I leave a lot of white space. But I have a task list from here to the equator. I have a lot of things I want to accomplish. I want them all accomplished yesterday. You’re probably that way, too. Rather than holding myself toa deadline or due date for these tasks, I simply look at them and say “Ok, what is going t get me to my goal this week. Which of these am I inspired to do right now? What feels good? What do I feel called to do?

Sometimes, nothing. Sometimes I don’t feel called to do anything, which case means I need to dig a little deeper. Where’s the block here? Why am I struggling with taking action? Where’s the resistance? Why don’t I want to do anything right now? There’s always something going on beneath the surface.

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Mindset Tools

In order to find that, that is when I switch on my mindset tools. Some of my favorites are: Journaling. I could journal for a little while and get out what is going on in my crazy head. Or, I could do some EFT. Journaling is really good for identifying the issue for me. EFT is really good for letting it go. A lot of times I will combine these two practices and I always leave a lot of time in the morning for me to do these things.

So, coffee, visualization, then I look over my to do list and if I’m not feeling it, then I know that I’ve got time in my schedule. This is self-love time. Self-care time. This is important. This is vibe time! So, I take the time to journal to figure out what’s going on and then I do EFT to let it go. I start shifting my mood and my perspective and my mindset. As a result, my vibe changes. I feel a little bit more confident, excited, inspired and motivated to take action.


With that newfound motivation, desire and excitement, I hop into the shower. When I get out of the shower, I have my affirmations written on my mirror in lipstick, I say them out loud. A lot of times, I have the speaker in my bathroom blaring – I’m sure my neighbors 3 houses down can hear my music in the morning. I like high-vibe music. If I need it, I will switch on a podcast or something of inspiration or YouTube video to further my high-vibe and shift my mindset and get myself out of my own head. Normally, it’s music. I put on my Pandora Power Playlist that gets me in the mood. I’m singing and dancing and while I’m doing this, I’m sneaking my affirmations into the words. As I’m singing I’m changing the words of the songs and I’m popping my affirmations in. I’m having a good time.

By the time I’m done getting ready in the morning, my vibe on a scale of 1-10 is at a 12. I am just high on life because I’ve seen my dreams coming true. I have decluttered anything in my mind that’s stopping me from achieving them. I’ve listened to some really good music, I’ve done some singing and had a dance party. I’ve aligned myself with my affirmations, reminding myself why I am worthy, deserving, amazing, awesome , capable, strong, enough. Then I’m ready to start my day.

That is my sacred time. That is my sacred morning manifestation routine.

My Morning Manifesting Ritual: Manifesting routines or rituals are so important in the morning because sleep resets us. When we wake up in the morning we have a choice.

I’m sharing this with you because you might be looking for a morning routine. You might be looking for some kind of practice that will help you get into the groove of high-vibe energy that allows your manifestation to occur. If you want a specific breakdown, check out the manifesting guide I made for you, it’s step by step in order.

So many people always ask, “Tonya, I’ve done all the things. What do I do now? I feel stuck. I feel like I should be doing more to get my manifestations to become a reality.”

Legit, there are 5 steps guys. It isn’t hard. I’ve laid it out for you with a checklist. You know I’m always giving you stuff to manifest your dreams, money, clients, your perfect partner, whatever, right? You deserve all the things. Every time I talk to you about what it is, I find that you’re making it harder than it needs to be. It’s really simple.

Incorporate these ideas into your routine or create your own. It’s up to you! Download the guide. Then come hang out with me somewhere in social media or send me an email and share your manifesting story. Maybe I will share on the podcast because I want you to know that you are capable and it is easier than you might think. I want all of your dreams to come true. I want to share your wins with other people so they see how easy it is too. Then we can all be manifesting mavens!

Let me know what you think, if you incorporate any of the ideas and if they work for you, what are your favorites, what tools do you use? Let me know on Facebook or come hang out with us in our private community.

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If manifesting is something you have been wanting to check out, you have to check out Manifesting Made Easy. I’m walking you through my exact 5-step process for making manifestation easy so you know exactly what to focus on and what action to take in what order. Plus it includes a 14-page workbook and over 15 bonus tools to get your vibe high and to align you with your energy.

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