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166 – When Coaches Get Depressed

166 – When Coaches Get Depressed

Life coaches get depressed, too. In this episode, I’m sharing some tools to help you coach yourself out of a funk and back to a high vibe.

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Each episode brings you actionable tips to embrace your inner badassery and build a coaching business that lets you get paid to do the work you love!  

Listener Reviews

My Weekly Positive Energy Boost!

The road of entrepreneurship is inevitably filled with moments of self-doubt & fear. I love listening to this podcast for the perfect combo of positive mindset, legit strategy, and tough love.

Tonya Is Amazing!

I’ve been listening to this podcast for over a year now and learn so much about money mindset. I also follow her on FB and am in her group. She’s so knowledgeable and has great advice!

Refreshing & Relatable

Tonya is a breath of fresh air. Her style of motivating, honest, and straightforward but with a gentle hand. She teaches in a style that is relatable and makes it easy to apply these principles to your life.

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