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Raise Your Vibe



Comparison is a negative thinking trap that we all get caught in sometimes—a cycle of thoughts and inadequate feelings that lead us to believe that we are not good enough or that we’re not doing enough.

And when you don’t believe you’re good enough, you give up, stop trying and sabotage any progress or success you were making. Or at the very least, you slow way down and end up playing smaller than you do when you believe in yourself, am I right?

So in this episode, we’re taking a good hard look at what causes us to get caught up in the negative thought loop of comparison that leads to self-doubt and halts our momentum so we can stop the cycle in its tracks and replace the negative thoughts with positive ones.

What You’ll


  • Why comparing is a lie that you tell yourself
  • How to recognize when you’re comparing yourself to others (and how often you really do it).
  • How to replace negative comparison thoughts with confidence.

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