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Badass Business 


There is so much we can’t control—the world’s events, the economy, what others think, say or do. . . but we always have control over one thing—ourselves!

When we ask the two critical questions:

  • What is good?
  • What can I control?

We essentially take the power back and move out of feelings of stress, worry, anxiety and despair that arise from uncertainty and move into feelings of confidence, empowerment and strength all because we chose to shift our locus of focus to the the things we CAN control..

What You’ll


  • What it means to have an internal locus of control
  • How to shift from feeling fear and hopelessness to empowerment and confident in any situation
  • How to help clients get get to a positive mind state when they are in freak out mode

I have something to support you.

Free Resource

Goal Setting & Action Plan Workbook for Coaches & Consultants

It's not enough to have an idea in your head (you've got plenty of those!), you also need clarity around your vision, a focused strategy and an action plan that will get you there.


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I love that you’re binging the podcast! I hope you find what you need, love what you hear, apply what you learn and share it with your tribe.

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Cheering Your On,

Tonya Rineer

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