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Raise Your Vibe



The level of success you are capable of achieving is directly proportionate to the level in which you believe in yourself. And so often success is intertwined with money. Makes sense, right? If your business is bringing in a lot of money, than you’re doing pretty well. (We won’t get into the other measures of success, as that’s a whole other topic. For now, let’s focus on the money piece). 

So what if you’re not making the money you desire. What’s stopping you? 

It might be your business strategy and skillsets, sure. And if so, that’s an easy fix.

But I’m willing to bet that there’s something deeper going on. That you’ve enough skills and experiences to be a badass coach with a booming business. But you’re still getting stuck. And it has nothing to do with the knowledge in your head and everything to do with the way you feel in your heart. 

You’re scared—of judgment, of failure, of letting people down. You’re lacking the confidence and self-belief you need to put yourself out there and declare to the world, “I can help you! I’m amazing! And I’m worth paying for!” 

Money mindset isn’t just about your relationship with money—although that’s a piece of it—it’s about your relationship with yourself! 

In this episode, I get a little vulnerable and share a bit of my backstory and where some of my money blocks came from. You might even hear some things that resonate with you and your own story. 

Listen, and then think about how your childhood experiences have shaped your beliefs and what sort of negative self talk might be holding you back from showing up as your best self in business. Knowing is half the battle. Once you know what is blocking you, you can start doing the work to clear the path to success! 

What You’ll


  • The connection between your childhood experiences and your current belief in yourself
  • Why your success depends on how you feel about yourself
  • The link between money mindset and the way your self talk
  • Tools to help you channel your mindset badassery into business success

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