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There are four types of energy but we get into the habit of focusing too much on our dominant energy type. This is the energy which we are most connected to and we enjoy doing activities that uses up that kind of energy. We gravitate there and we avoid or put off activities in other categories that require us to use a different type of energy and we end up burning ourselves out.

There is focused energy, social energy, physical energy, and restful energy, and in order to maintain high levels of energy in all of these areas, we have to give them each a little bit of attention and love and incorporate them into our day. And when we neglect all of these areas and focus too much attention one over the other, we can end up totally drained.

So take a moment and assess which of these is lacking in your life.ย 

What You’ll


  • What the four different energies are in detail
  • The benefits of each different energy
  • Which energy and activities help you recharge and which drain you
  • The excuses we tell ourselves so that we can avoid doing things that make us uncomfortable
  • How to recharge your batteries and tap into restful energy

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