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Tonya Rineer

Author of the best-selling book Mindset Switch, Tonya Rineer helps entrepreneurs, executives and high-achieving professionals transform their mindset improve their performance, and cultivate the habits and skills that make it possible to have it all—health, wealth, happiness and a business that makes an impact in the world. 


With over 60,000 downloads and 30+ 5-star reviews, the RAISE YOUR VIBE podcast has been helping entrepreneurs build a business with impact since 2017.

Life Coach MBA

Build a business that is profitable, impactful and scalable. If you’re just beginning your coaching journey and want to make a big difference in the world, start here.


#1 Best Selling Book Mindset Switch on Amazon. Identify Your Triggers, Transform Your Limiting Beliefs, and Take Charge of What You Want.


Tonya has been a guest on over 20 podcasts and spoken at  high-level business conferences such as 1 Life Fully Lived & The Miracle Morning with Hal Elrod.

Raise Your Vibe

Bite-sized inspiration, motivation, meditations and tools to help you raise your vibe, reduce stress and increase happiness in every area of your life. 

Booking Inquiries

Tonya has been educating entrepreneurs, executives and business professionals on the power of mindset for nearly 10 years, and has been featured at the Women’s Business Conference, 1 Life Fully Lived Conference and the Miracle Morning Summit.


Survive or Thrive – From living on the streets to six-figure success.

Seminars and Workshops:

Money Mindset Bootcamp – Drop the money struggle and start earning and attracting money with ease.

Make Money as a Life Coach – The Roadmap from Startup to Six-Figures.

Building Your Personal Brand – Presentation and perception is what sells! Celebrities know the secrets and now you will too!

Leading Teams – The Crash Course for Successful Leadership

“Click” with Anyone – The Secret to Exceptional Client Relationships

Mindset Switch – Reduce Stress, Increase Happiness, Improve Performance and Completely Transform Your Life! 

If you’re interested in booking Tonya Rineer as a speaker or trainer for your Corporate Event, Conference or Podcast, please click the button below to get started.

Press & Features

Tonya has been featured on over 50 podcasts, contributed to more than 20 published books, summits and educational programs and has spoken at many corporate events and conferences, such as:

Official Bio

Tonya Rineer is the go-to coach for business owners and high-achiever,, She’s a best-selling author and host of the Raise Your Vibe Podcast where she dishes real-world advice to help business owners conquer their mindset, set goals that scare them, and discover what exists beyond the limits.

Her training style is anything but traditional—she raps, loves movie quotes and is always in a great mood! You might feel more like a friend than a client—but she won’t let you slack off!! She’ll kick you into gear, push you beyond your comfort zone and help you take steps you didn’t think you were ready for. When she’s in your corner, failure is not an option!

Visit her at tonyarineer.com, where you can also subscribe to the Raise Your Vibe Coach Podcast or connect with her on Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin @tonyarineer,

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