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Raise Your Vibe

Some days you feel like you just can’t keep up. There is too much to do and too little time. You’re overwhelmed and looking for ways to overcome the mounting burden of stress. 

I might not be able to help you take items off of your list of to-do’s but I can help you feel better about yourself and what you’re accomplishing by reframing the way you’re thinking about all the things you’re juggling.

So give yourself a four-minute break and let’s do a little mindset voodoo, shall we?


Now that you’ve listened to this PepTalk and you have a tool to keep you focused on the positive, put this list next to you and keep adding to it throughout the day. Tomorrow, you can either add to it, or start a new list. As long as you are focusing on what’s going well and keeping your thoughts focused on the positive, you’re doing it exactly right!

Are you ready for more abundance?

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Light & Love,

Tonya Rineer

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