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Raise Your Vibe

What are you filling your cup up with today? If you’re filling it with negativity, anger, resentment, bitterness, criticism, what’s going to happen when the world shakes you? When we’re filled with negative self-talk and toxic emotions, it doesn’t take much to all that negativity to spill out and make a mess wherever it lands.

If you’re filling your cup with positive things, like patience, love, compassion, kindness, peace and gratitude, when life gets crazy and the world shakes you, all that goodness is going to pour out.

Which would you rather have spilling out?

As you go through your day today, pay attention to what it is that you’re filling your cup with, and at any point, if it doesn’t serve you, change it up to something that does.

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Light & Love,

Tonya Rineer

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