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Whenever you are feeling down, low vibe and starting to get tired or starting to lose your momentum midday, there are replacements for that 2 o’clock candy bar or caffeine fix that you need. When you are intensely focused on something that you desire and you’re starting to feel impatient because it isn’t coming yet, there are ways to get it out of your head and change the subject. There are ways for you to de-stress and turn a bad mood around. Learn how you can start raising your vibration with the Law of Attraction in a few quick and simple steps.

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Raising Your Vibration With The Law Of Attraction

We’re talking about quick and easy ways to raise your vibration with the Law of Attraction. These are simple tips that you can use and apply in ten minutes or less. Use these tactics whenever you are feeling funky, you’re down, you’re low vibe, you’re starting to get tired, and you’re starting to lose your momentum midday. These are replacements for that 2:00 PM candy bar or caffeine fix that you need. These are ways to get out of your head and change the subject when you are intensely focused on something that you desire and you’re starting to feel impatient because it isn’t coming yet. These are ways for you to de-stress and turn a bad mood around.

PPP 116 | Raising Your Vibration

Raising Your Vibration: Mindset Switch: Identify Your Triggers, Transform Your Limiting Beliefs, and Take Charge of What You Want

They’re so simple. You’re going to hear these and you’re going to be like, “Seriously? It’s that easy?” Yes, it is. That’s the good news. We tend to overcomplicate things. We tend to think that we have to go through a million steps in order to feel good and that’s a lie; we don’t. We can feel good in a matter of minutes because our emotional states last only 90 seconds. I wrote about this in my book, the Mindset Switch. It is only 90 seconds that our bodies and our brains produce the chemicals that create an emotion or a sensation within us, so every 90 seconds, we get a new choice. We can choose to feel better. We can choose to engage in one of these activities that I’m about to share with you and in a manner of minutes, we can be on our way to spiraling up the vibrational scale and when we’re high vibing, we attract the things into our lives that we truly want rather than the things we don’t.

What are some of these things that we can do?

1. Move your body or your booty.

The second tends to be my favorite. I love dance parties and I love a little booty-shaking music because as soon as you put on something that you can’t help but dance to, you are instantly lifted into a better mood. If music and booty shake isn’t your thing, try getting up and doing some jumping jacks. Do Jumping Jacks for 90 seconds and it’s going to change the way you feel. It’s going to raise your vibe. Dance for 90 seconds, three minutes, one song. Dance to your favorite song, play it loud, put your earbuds on, forget anybody is in the room. If you’re in a public place, go to the bathroom, shut the door. You can do this. It’s easy and it doesn’t take very much time.

2. Smile–for real.

You smile and hold that smile for 90 seconds. The smile might feel awkward and fake at first, but after a few seconds, your brain is going to be like, “Why are we smiling? Is something funny? Am I happy? What’s going on here?” It is going to look for a reason to explain your smile and it will find one. Your brain will find a reason to be happy based on the fact that you were smiling, so you’re going to trigger happiness in your brain for simply that reason, or you can take that a step further and get genuine with it.

Laugh. Do something that makes you smile in a way that is genuine. Listen to a comedy, watch a funny clip on YouTube, read a couple of jokes, play, roll around with your kids or your puppy on the floor. Connect to your inner child. Do anything that makes you laugh. If you have a little bit more time, play like you did when you were a kid. Build a fort, create a tent, roll down a hill, whatever it takes, but laugh and when you connect to that laughter, it’s going to flip the switch. Your vibe is going to shoot up instantly.

3. Celebrate yourself.

Do this with somebody else. Call somebody up and say, “I’m needing you to celebrate something with me. I had this accomplishment. It may have been a week ago, but I never celebrated it and I feel like now is a good time to do that. Can I share this with you?” Celebrate somebody else. When you celebrate and you’re genuinely happy for the accomplishments of somebody else, you share in that same excitement. You share in the same vibe. It’s got to be genuine.

You can’t say, “I’m so happy for you,” and inside you’re like, “I’m so jealous of you” because the vibe is what matters. The emotion is what matters, so if you’re feeling jealous and you’re unable to connect at that high energy level and celebrate genuinely, then don’t try this tactic. All that’s going to do is it’s going to connect you to that vibration of jealousy and that’s not what we’re going for. When you can genuinely be happy for somebody else and celebrate with them, you are tapping into the energy of abundance.

We’re all the same at the core. We’re all part of a source energy. We are all sharing this place in this physical plane and we’re all meant to be connected in harmony together. That is one way of connecting to your fellow sisters or brothers or friends, it is sharing with them and not competing, but joining forces. When something good happens to one, something good happens to all, if you allow it. When something good happens to you and you feel good about sharing it with somebody else, you are also sharing that positive energy with that person and helping to lift them up. Anytime you can feel good about what’s happening for other people and genuinely truly happy for them and celebrate with them, you are connecting to that vibe without having to do the work of getting there, so practice doing that as often as possible.

When we’re high-vibing, we attract the things into our lives that we truly want rather than the things we don’t. Click To Tweet

4. Declutter something.

Clutter creates chaos in our mind. It creates stagnant, negative energy. When you have a messy home, a disorganized home, a messy drawer, a scattered office, when you walk into those spaces, does it not drag you down a little bit? Does it not distract you? It’s hard to concentrate. It’s hard to feel at ease and restful. It’s definitely hard to feel creative and inspired and it is almost impossible to be over the moon excited and full of joy and happiness and abundance. A quick way to remedy that is to simply organize, clean something. It doesn’t have to be crazy and you don’t have to get it all done in a day, but do it for ten minutes. The act of simply moving forward and accomplishing something will raise your vibe and you’re going to feel better.

5. Connect to gratitude.

You’re grateful for something. What is that one thing? Focus on the way it makes you feel for 90 seconds. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big thing or a small thing, but gratitude will connect you to high vibe energy and it’ll instantly lift you out of a funk.

6. Get intimate with somebody.

Not just anybody, but somebody you love. The act of getting intimate, hugging for 20 seconds, kissing or doing the deed will connect you to feelings of love and connection. It’ll release chemicals in your brain, dopamine, which helps with excitement and positive expectation; oxytocin, which is the love chemical. It bonds you and connects you to others, which at our core, all we want is love.

We all want to be loved and to feel love, and oxytocin is the chemical in our brain that helps us to connect to that emotion. Norepinephrine increases our adrenaline, gives us energy, that’s a boost. That’s why they call it the afternoon delight because in place of coffee, you get a little bit of adrenaline and that’s fun and we all want that. Serotonin is calming and relaxing. It’s a stress relief and it brings us immense satisfaction, so that is one super fun way to raise your vibe, but in most cases, we can sneak that into our day.

7. Do something–anything–productive.

Check something off your to-do list. Spend a few minutes doing something that you have been wanting to do for a long time and haven’t gotten around to it. The act of simply accomplishing something will totally raise your vibe superfast. These are seven of a million different things we could probably come up with to raise your vibe. I wanted to bring your attention to it. I want you to spend more time focusing on the way you feel on your vibration.

PPP 116 | Raising Your Vibration

Raising Your Vibration: The act of simply moving forward and accomplishing something will raise your vibe and you’re going to feel better.


If you want even more help in this area, you’ve got to come over to the Profit Party Community. That is our Facebook group. You’re on your phone, open up Facebook, do a search for the Profit Party and come out over, answer a few questions, we’ll let you in. We are starting a manifesting challenge simply to help you to refocus on abundance and I want to show you how easy it is to manifest things in your life and raise your energy, so we’re going to be talking about that. I’m going to help you do it, so take out your phone, go to Facebook and apply. Come hang out with us and let me help you manifest. In the meantime, try a couple of these tactics and watch how amazing you feel after 90 seconds of a high vibe activity. It’s going to change your life. I promise.

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