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Tonya Rineer


Tonya Rineer helps business owners and professionals cultivate a mindset of connectivity, build strong working relationships and  become more influential and impactful leaders.

An experienced


Tonya has been presenting to and coaching business owners, executives, emerging leaders and professionals for nearly 10 years and has been featured at renowned events such as the Women’s Business Conference, 1 Life Fully Lived Conference and Miracle Morning Summit.

Speaking Topics

Money Mindset

Regardless of the state of the economy, business owners and professionals often develop a negative relationship with money. And it is not just about the dollars in our bank account – our limiting beliefs about money are intertwined with our self-worth and overall happiness.

It is possible to do what you love, do it well, and make the money you deserve.


  • How to value yourself and your expertise
  • How to let go of the guilt that is associated with
  • How to stop focusing on output (like time) and
    start charging for your value
  • How to break free from the mental habits that are
    keeping you from maximum earning potential

Think (and Act) like a CEO

Do you truly know your value or are you constantly selling yourself short? If you don’t know and own your value you will open the door to self-sabotage leaving you stressed and frustrated.

It’s time to take back ownership of your own self-worth!

You will learn:

  • How to present yourself like the expert you are
  • How to overcome the self-doubt
  • How to speak with assertiveness
  • How to navigate business conversations with dominant personalities

DISC Personality Profile

Human behavior is a complex thing to navigate, especially as we elevate throughout our career. The DISC theory consists of four personality styles and, when understood and embraced, can lead to improved communication, less misunderstanding, less conflict and improved performance.


  • How to navigate relationships with different personality types
  • How to inspire and influence different personality types
  • How to profile each personality type and speak their language
  • How to improve your leadership capabilities
  • How to understand your team members, clients and colleagues on a deeper level

Tonya’s Speaking Style

Tonya’s style is casual, engaging and upbeat. Using real-world examples and relatable stories ensures that her audience learns key skills that they can apply to their life and business right away. Her intention isn’t just to motivate her audience—it’s to give them the tools they need to create powerful transformations. 

Speaking Process


If you’re interested in requesting Tonya to speak at your event, schedule time to speak with her about keynote options by clicking the button below. 


 Tonya will take the time to get to know your goals and may also interview potential attendees so that she can tailor a custom presentation that addresses the challenges and goals of the audience. 


 Keynotes presentations can be 45-90 minutes in length and may be expanded into half or full-day training and development sessions. 


After each presentation, Tonya will be available for questions and support—ensuring that your audience walks away with the tools and confidence they need to apply what they’ve learned and achieve success. 

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