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Tonya Rineer


Tonya Rineer helps coaches, consultants and passionate service providers master their mindset, grow their tribe, make great money and make a BIG impact in the world, doing what they love. 

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Tonya’s events are for coaches, consultants and business owners who are believe in community over competition. If you’re ready for a sisterhood of like-minded women who are all about helping each other breakthrough their blocks, take massive action and change the world together—you’ve found your tribe! Attend one of Tonya’s events and you’ll discover that anything is possible when you’ve got your girls to support you! 

workshop Topics

Money Vibes Breakthrough

Master your money mindset, dissolve your abundance blocks, breakthrough your income ceiling and learn how to unapologetically own your value, charge your worth and create wealth in your business with ease. 

Ideal Audience: Entrepreneurs in service-based businesses (coaches, consultants, freelancers, designers, one-to-one service providers)



  • Identify your biggest money blocks
  • Change limiting beliefs around money that are sabotaging your financial success
  • Feel confident receiving money for the value your provide
  • Get into the energy of abundance and let money flow into your bank account easily and effortlessly

Your Million Dollar Message

Defining your message and your niche is the part of the business-building process that most entrepreneurs try to shortcut—and it’s the reason they struggle with visibility, connection and reaching their money goals. If you want a Million Dollar Business, you’ve got to start with a Million Dollar Message! This workshop will show you how.

Ideal Audience: Entrepreneurs in service-based businesses (coaches, consultants, freelancers, one-to-one service providers)


You will learn HOW TO:

  • Get crystal clear about what you do, who you serve and how you create life-changing breakthroughs
  • Discover your money-making sweet spot
  • Answer the question: What do you do? 
  • Overcome the fears around niching down and clear the blocks around finding your ideal clients
  • Believe in you purpose so that you can share your message and change lives! 

Referral Rockstar

I built my first six-figure business without ever spending a single dollar on marketing or ads. The entire business was built on word-of-mouth referrals. This meant that I could spend more time working on growing my business and serving my clients (rather than trying to generate new leads). When you have a system that works, it literally does the work for you. This workshop will show you how! 

Ideal Audience: Entrepreneurs in service-based businesses (coaches, consultants, freelancers, designers, one-to-one service providers)



  • Create an unforgettable client experience – that keeps your clients talking about you (in a good way!)
  • Build relationships that result in an endless stream of referrals
  • Ask for referrals
  • Build a tribe of people who know, like, trust and recommend you to everyone they know
  • Use affiliate marketing to generate new leads
  • Create a simple system for keeping track of referrals and stay organized

Online Marketing Mastery

You have a big heart and you want to reach as many people as possible so that you can make a difference in their lives. But you have to find them first! This workshop breaks down the various elements you need to be successful in building a tribe online. . 

Ideal Audience: Entrepreneurs in service-based businesses (coaches, consultants, one-to-one service providers who are operating their business primarily online)




  • Use various social media platforms effectively to attract your ideal clients
  • Plan and create content that builds trust and loyalty
  • Leverage groups to find new clients and grow your tribe
  • Run Facebook Ads (without breaking the bank)
  • Create a marketing strategy that takes less than 30 minutes a day

Manifesting Made Easy

Learn the secrets behind the Law of Attraction and how to apply them to attract limitless clients, opportunities and clients into your business. 

Ideal Audience: Spiritual entrepreneurs in service-based businesses (coaches, consultants, healers, freelancers, designers, heart-centered service providers)


You will learn how to:

  • Make the law of attraction work for you
  • Get clear on what you truly desire
  • Discover what is blocking the flow of abundance into your life now (and how to unblock it)
  • Manifest a desire overnight
  • Align with the energy of manifestation so that you can attract anything you want (and repel the things you don’t want)

Tonya’s Speaking Style

Tonya’s style is casual, engaging and high vibe. Using real-world examples and relatable stories ensures that her audience learns key skills that they can apply to their business to start getting results right away. Her intention isn’t just to motivate her audience—it’s to give them the tools they need to embrace the mindset of an influencer, and build business that changes the world while creating a life they love!

Speaking Process


If you’re interested in requesting Tonya to speak at your event, schedule time to speak with her about keynote options by clicking the button below. 


 Tonya will take the time to get to know your goals and may also interview potential attendees so that she can tailor a custom presentation that speaks directly to the goals of the audience. 


 Keynote presentations and workshops can be 45-90 minutes in length and may be expanded into half or full-day training and development sessions. 


After each presentation, Tonya will be available for questions and support—ensuring that your audience walks away with the tools and confidence they need to apply what they’ve learned and achieve extraordinary success in their business after leaving your event. 

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