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Welcome to our first episode of 2018! If you’re like me, you’re all about high vibes and inspired for 2018. You’re planning the new year and you might have even created a vision board. And..I don’t want to kill your buzz, but I have some food for thought to maintain a positive vibe throughout the year.

If this episode is coming to you later in the year, it’s because you absolutely need to listen to this episode to raise your vibes. No matter what you are going through, you can take these steps to get positive again.

It can feel difficult to stay positive when everything is going wrong. The key is understanding that this is the universe’s way of putting you back on track.



When Everything Goes Wrong

When something is going wrong in your business, it is because you are off course.

When you make a bad decision in your business and you know that it feels off but your logical brain says this is the way to do it you are off course. For a business decision to be successful, you must believe it will work and it has to feel good. If either of those are missing, you are off course. You are off course because you are not listening to your tuition.

Deep down there is that little girl inside of you. She is your connection to soul and truth and God’s energy. She is your pure light telling you who you are capable of being.

The Universe Is Talking to You

On the other side, there are the thoughts in your head telling you to do things a certain way. These thoughts are not coming from you. They are not coming from the little girl inside of you. Instead, they’ve been programmed in your head.

** I want you to pause this episode and write a note to yourself, schedule it on your social media or Pin it, because it’s going to come back to you when you need to hear this message. **

When everything goes wrong, that is the universe’s way of bulldozing you back on path.

It starts as a gentle whisper and then a nudge. Pretty soon it’s a push and then a a smack in the face.  When you still don’t listen, the universe hits you where it hurts: takes money away, damages your ego, or bruises your pride. The universe hurts you emotionally because that’s what it takes to get your attention to guide you back on track.

Staying Positive

In all of these mishaps, there’s a lesson that stands to serve you very well. This lesson will redirect you and help you to recognize in the future when you’re getting off course.

If you’re going through this right now, take some time and think about the past. Take those memories and filter them through your emotions. Really allow yourself to feel your way through those memories. Feel how many times your intuition was speaking to you and pay intention to how those got stronger and stronger.

You feel your way around for the lesson and when you’ve found it, you take it and say “this is good because…” There is always a silver lining.

Let’s Chat More

if having a positive vibe…
if being in a happy place…
if your intuition…
If getting rid of negativity…

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  • 1:30 The truth is that when something is going wrong in your business – or in your life for that matter – but in your business when something is going wrong, it’s because you are off course.
  • 4:17 It’s an emotion that guides you, not a thought.


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It can feel difficult to stay positive when everything is going wrong. The key is understanding that this is the universe's way of putting you back on track.
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