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There are tons of ways to structure your business. I want to introduce you to a way that will help you to lean into your intuition when deciding what is best for your business. I can’t tell you exactly what to do or how to structure your business or what work best for your individual situation.

But I can guide you toward finding what feels good for you.


I structure my business by leaning into serving my customers in a way that also lifts my vibe up. When I guide and coach my clients into that energetic alignment they find that they make more money, love what they do, collaboration and client-serving come from a place of pure joy, bliss, excitement, and integrity.

You should find your groove. People will tell you that you are asking for too much and I give you permission to have a business that helps you to feel good and you make a lot of money.

No matter what business you’re in, I want you to stay tuned. Listen to the ideas. As long as you are creating something that is of service or providing a service to someone else, this concept will work for you.

Pure Romance – MLM

My very first step into entrepreneurialship was when I was 21. I had just had a baby and just want to get out of the house. There are a lot of ways to make money in a MLM – parties, expos, craft shows, etc. At first, I did it the way my upline was doing it – booking parties and at every party, be sure to book 3 more. It felt like a lot of push, a lot of ask and a lot of trying to convince people. Energetically it wasn’t working for me.

So, I did some reflecting and thought about what  I could do differently. What I stumbled upon was other MLMers. They understood the concept of networking to fill these parties and respected the concept and they had something to sell.

I revamped my structure and only started doing parties with other MLMers, i.e. host a party for others who were in an MLM. We collaborated on creative ways to bring both of the businesses in. The whole focus of the party was on my stuff and their stuff was a subset. Eventually, word got around and I was booked solid and none of my parties were a bust.

Interior Design Company

When I first started out, I approached it the way that other interior designers would. I watched HGTV and did what they did – elaborate, beautiful full-service projects. I hated it. It was awful for me. I did not like babysitting contractors and managing projects. I did not like the time commitment. They would literally last months and even over a year.

So I asked myself, “What do I love doing? What about this business excites me?” The answer was color. I was naturally gifted with color.

So I shifted my whole model and started only doing color consultations. I would drive to someone’s house, help them pick paint colors and they would pay me a fee and I would move on.

My reputation grew and contractors started to use me and real estate developers called. I was the go-to color girl. All because I asked myself what is it that I love.

I leaned into what felt good.

Money Mindset Coach

When I first started in this coaching world, I was modeling my business after them. Even though I know not to do a time for money model, I could not get away from that. I felt like I had to offer so many sessions or so many months. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t fueling me to have this very structured calendar. I’ve been on the receiving end of that and I didn’t like that model.

I wanted to give my clients that flexibility. I wanted them to know if they don’t need me they don’t have to wait an hour. So I started to do a flexible unlimited model, where we talk all the time. The other day I spent 4 hours with a client, but we hadn’t talked in 2 weeks. She was in a bind and she needed to be pep-talked into a very difficult decision.

That doesn’t work for everybody but I’ve found that works for me.

I want that relationship that feels like girlfriends and so I stepped away from the traditional model and that’s what I do.

What do you not love about your current structure?

What isn’t serving you in this moment? What do you cringe? What do you not look forward to?

You know in my model that my system starts with discovering what isn’t working. You have to be honest with yourself.

After, you can step back and see what you really want and get clear on what the dream looks like.

It is a mindset breakthrough when you realize that you can structure your business any way you want.

As a result, you will attract people that are 100% aligned with you.

My structure clearly leaves a lot of people out. That’s okay, we are not a good fit. There are many people who need your structure.

Let’s Chat More

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  • 2:31 I can guide you on how to lean into what feels good.
  • 3:30 When you are aligned, sales don’t feel sales-y.
  • 13:00 I like to have a BFF relationship with my clients.
  • 14:56 It is a mindset breakthrough when you realize that you can structure your business any way you want.
  • 16:23 Get out of your head and into your heart and notice how it feels to serve your clients in the most aligned way.


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