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Mindset can actually be measured, and what gets measured gets improved. It is just like a muscle in that it requires that you work through the resistance to strengthen it. It might hurt for a couple of days but if you keep training it, you’ll notice that it gets easier with time and you get stronger with time and are able to lift more weight. The mindset equivalent of that is that you are able to endure greater resistance and work through greater challenges. You are able to stretch yourself further outside of your comfort zone and you are able to take on more and rise to the top. Discover the five signs that let you know whether you have a healthy money mindset so you can start working on areas that you need to work out.

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The Five Signs Of A Healthy Money Mindset

We’re talking about five signs that will let you know without a shadow of a doubt that you have a healthy money mindset. I would encourage you to take some notes because I want you to start paying attention to how these are showing up in your life because this is a unit of measurement and what gets measured gets improved. As you start seeing these five signs show up in your life, you’ll know that you’re making progress, that you were getting to where you want to be with your mindset. You’ll know that your mindset muscle is getting stronger because it’s a muscle. That’s what it is.

Mindset is just like a muscle. It requires that you work through the resistance to strengthen it. It is just like resistance training. It’s just like curling that dumbbell. At first, it’s hard. When your muscles are weak, flabby and lazy, it is hard to work out. You get sore. It might hurt for a couple of days and during those couple of days, you’re going to feel like, “I don’t want to do this again.” If you do, you’ll notice that it gets easier. It gets easier with time. You get stronger with time. You’re able to lift more weight and the mindset equivalent of that is that you were able to endure greater resistance. You are able to work through greater challenges. You are able to stretch yourself further outside of your comfort zone and you are able to take on more and rise to the top.

Not everybody’s cut out for this. A lot of people give up at the beginning, but not you. You know that on the other side of this work, there is a world of abundance waiting for you and you are so deserving of it. You know that in your heart that you are so deserving and it’s there waiting for you. You just have to do the work. Pay attention to these five signs. I want you to notice, are these showing up for you? Is this real for you in your world, in your reality? If so, that means that your mindset is on track. You’re doing everything right. If not, this may be an area that you can start working on. This is an area that you need to work out.

Financial Setbacks Are Not Stressful For You

Number one, financial setbacks are not stressful for you. You don’t freak out anymore. When a bill comes in the mail that you weren’t expecting, when you had an unhealthy mindset, that would have sent you on a tailwind of negative thoughts. It would have created anxiety and stress within you. You would have had a physical response, a gut-wrenching feeling, maybe sick to your stomach. Maybe you would have felt angry at yourself or guilty or defeated over this additional bill or maybe the credit card bill, but now you don’t feel that way. You’re like, “It is what it is. There is plenty of money where that came from.” Maybe your bank account doesn’t reflect a whole lot of extra money but you know that it’s coming, and you are able to deal with it with grace and ease.

Laurie, who is a student in Money Vibes Bootcamp announced that this had happened to her. She was in boot camp for just over a week and already week two she says, “I’ve got a flat tire. I’m on a budget, and normally that flat tire would have sent me spinning. It would have completely stressed me out. I would have spent the day obsessing over the added expense worrying and having anxiety over how much it was going to cost but instead, I didn’t. I had the strength and resolve to say it is what it is. It’s no big deal. I’m doing fine financially.”

She was able to flip the switch and focus on what was working in her life and not spend all kinds of time on what wasn’t working, not give the setback any additional energy. She said, “It is what it is. I’m going to deal with it and then whatever the expense is, I’m going to do with that.” It turned out the tire only cost $15 and she was like, “Yes, I’m so glad I didn’t give an entire day to that. I’m so glad I didn’t allow myself to stress and worry about it because that wouldn’t have served me, but instead I handled it and I got back to my life. I got back to feeling good and amazing.”

PPP 122 | Healthy Money Mindset

Healthy Money Mindset: You can either restrict yourself and go on a diet or you can attract more into your life.

Debt is the same way. When you open the credit card bill, how do you feel? Does it discourage you or do you look at it and go, “I made some decisions and now, it’s time for me to take care of them, to take responsibility for them.” Are you able to look at that credit card bill and have gratitude toward the fact that when you needed the money, it was there for you? Are you able to think proactively about how you’re going to attract more money into your life to pay off this unexpected expense or this debt?

Are you able to think outside the box and shift your attention to attracting more money versus, “Here’s this extra expense or this bill I have to pay? I guess I’m going to have to spend less, restrict my expenses. I’m going to have to go on a money diet in order to pay this off.” There are two ways of looking at it. You can either restrict yourself and go on a diet or you can attract more into your life. Which one is the healthy one? Which one feels better to you? Is this working for you already? Are you already noticing a shift where you are handling expenses with ease? If so, that is a strong and powerful sign of a healthy money mindset.

Financial Decisions You Make Feel Good

Number two, the financial decisions you make feel good. They feel good. You base your decisions on what brings you joy and pleasure. You buy things because they feel good and you don’t have buyer’s remorse. When you do, you don’t feel guilty when you do. You don’t restrict your pleasure because your spouse or partner spent a little extra money this month. Do you do that? Are you the saver and are you partnered with a spender? Do you feel like you have to make up for their spending habits? That’s something to watch out for. That means that money decisions for them feel good but for you, they feel bad and you might be saying, “Somebody’s got to be realistic here.”

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The truth is that if you are responsible with money, I’m not saying go be irresponsible with it, be responsible with it, but responsible spending should feel good because money is energy. It is here for you to use. It’s a tool for you to buy things that bring you pleasure and enjoy. It is not just to pay bills and to pay expenses and to scrimp and save and invest in and do all those things. It’s absolutely meant to cover the necessities of life, but it’s also meant to bring you joy and pleasure. That’s what it wants to do. It wants to take care of you. Are you letting it? If you are letting money take care of you, if you were letting it fill your life with a choice that brings you pleasure with a sense of abundance, if you are allowing it to have a fulfilling purpose, that’s a good sign that you have a healthy money mindset.

You Invest In Yourself

Number three, you invest in yourself. This is one where I to stress. You invest in what is possible for you. You know that you’re building this business. I’m speaking to you. You’re an entrepreneur. You don’t have a plan B. You were all in with plan A. The money you invest in yourself and in your business is purposeful and comes from a place of love and desire, not lack, inadequacy or fear. What I mean by that is there’s going to be money that you must invest into your business. You’ve heard me say it doesn’t take money to make money. It takes passion. It takes purpose to make money. It takes energy, filtering the right amount of energy into the right activities.

I’m not saying that you are never going to need to invest money in your business because you are, but what I often see happening, and I’ve been guilty of this myself, is that we throw money at everything hoping that something works. I’m going to throw money at my branding and my website and this coach and that course and this certificate, this extra added education, these extra credentials. What happens is I’m not really clear on what I need to invest in to move my business forward, so I’m throwing money at everything, hoping that the sparkles will attract the clients that I desire. What’s happening is I’m unclear. I’m not purposeful.

When you invest from a place of purpose and you know that, “I don’t need these extra credentials. I don’t need this extra education. I don’t need another degree. I don’t need to redo my website. I don’t need all the bells and whistles and the shiny glitter. I know who I am and I know what I need. I know that I need to show up. I know that I need to serve. I know that I need to create value. How do I do that? Do I need to invest in that? What is standing in my way right now? What is stopping me from showing up with confidence? What is stopping me from believing that I can charge for what I know right now? Where am I feeling stuck?”

PPP 122 | Healthy Money Mindset

Healthy Money Mindset: When you’re making investments in yourself and your business from a place of confidence and purpose, that is a true sign of a healthy money mindset.

If the answer comes to you and it is clear and you know for sure that what you need is to redo your website or what you need is to invest in mindset work or what you need is some laid out, very specific strategy, when you decide and you know that that’s what you need, not what you think you need, you invest with confidence and purpose. You focus everything on that and that alone for that timeframe. When you do that, that’s a sign of a healthy money mindset because you are channeling money and energy. Money is energy.

You’re channeling your money and your energy into one focused thing and you invest with faith because you know that that investment is going to pay off, so you don’t care what it costs. You don’t care what it means, “I’m not even focused on anything else. I don’t care what anybody says about this. I know in my heart that this is what I need to do and I’m doing it to move myself, my personal development, and my business forward and I know it’s going to pay off.” When you’re making investments in yourself and your business from a place of confidence and purpose, that is a true sign of a healthy money mindset.

You Are Genuinely Happy For The Success Of Others

Number four, you are genuinely happy for the success of others. When you are jealous or resentful towards somebody else and what they’ve just purchased or what they’re accomplishing in their business, it’s because deep down there is a fear within you that says, “You can’t have that. That is not for you. It’s for them.” When you’re happy for them, when you look at them and go, “That’s great that they just did that,” and you let their success be a motivator for you, it’s a sign that you know deep down that you too can have that. They’re a couple steps ahead of you and you’re on your way and they’ve just paved the way for you.

I remember being ten years old and we took a trip down to Alabama. We were playing on this beautiful lake and it was hilly. Up on one of the hills, there were a bunch of older kids playing. They were teenagers and there was a rope swing, a long piece of rope that hung from one of the branches over the cliff. They were climbing up the cliff, grabbing that rope swing and swinging out to the deep end just on the other side of the rocks and letting go. It looked like so much fun and I wanted to do it, too, but I was afraid. I watched them for a good hour and said, “I want to do this.”

Finally, I swam over there. I climbed up on the hill and I grabbed that rope swing. I remember thinking, “This isn’t for me. This isn’t going to work for me. It works for them because they’re bigger, because they’re stronger, they’re heavier. They swing out farther. They can hang on to the rope. What if I let go and I fall on the rocks?” I almost didn’t do it. I almost let the fear stop me and if I had, I would have regretted it. I would have let the jealousy win. I would have convinced myself that they could do this because they were bigger and they were better than me.

What would that have done? That sticks with you, those kinds of memories and those things. I did it and I loved it and I did it again and again. With each time, it got easier but it was in that moment of decision that I almost gave up, that I almost didn’t take the jump and go that I reminded myself, “If they can do it, I can do it too.” I’ve sat and watched this for an hour at this point and nobody’s fallen on the rocks yet. Nobody’s died. “It’s possible. I just need to show myself that I’m possible, that I can do it too. I need this for me. I need to prove it to myself,” and that’s where you’re at in business. If you’re seeing somebody else achieve success, please answer the question for me, “Why not you?” There is absolutely no reason that you come up with. That’s just the fear. That’s your fear wanting to take the easy way out.

Challenge that fear and know that when others are successful and they’ve paved the way, they just made it easier for you. They gave you options. They messed up and they figured out what works and what doesn’t so that you too can know what works and what doesn’t even before going in. You get to model that, just like I modeled the boys on the rope swing. I looked at where they were putting their hands, their feet. I looked at where they were standing on the cliff, where they were letting go above the water and I just modeled it and I too was successful. Business is the same way.

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When you can look at what others are doing and let that inspire you, when you can genuinely be happy for somebody else, that is a healthy sign that you too are developing a healthy mindset. When it comes down to money and you’re happy for the things people are buying or what they’re able to do and achieve with their money and you’re excited about the idea of you being able to do those same types of things with your money because you know it’s coming, that’s a sign of a healthy money mindset. You are strengthening the muscle around what you believe is possible when it comes to money.

You Receive Money Easily

Number five, you receive money easily. It just shows up everywhere. Money on the ground, $20 bills in your jeans pockets. Clients seem to line up to work with you. You get unexpected checks or rebates in the mail. Your friends call and say, “I’ve got free tickets to a concert or an event. Do you want to come?” Dinner tab gets unexpectedly paid for or you get your bill at the end of dinner and the appetizer was complimentary, compliments of the chef or a friend picks up the tab for you or somebody in your office buys you coffee. Money just shows up. Abundance shows up. Free things just start showing up and it’s because you are opening yourself up to receiving those things.

When you are open, they come in. When your door is open it’s like saying, “Come on in. Welcome,” but when you have the door slammed and bolted shut, it’s not very welcoming. You open yourself up to receiving money and abundance and it is going to start to flow in. There is no shortage of money in the world. Not at all. There is more than enough for everybody to have all they need and more and you love the way it feels to receive it.

Money is energy and when you receive it, it’s like having somebody hug you and that feels good and it feels good to give because it’s fun to give hugs, so you become a little freer with the giving and receiving. You don’t hoard it, you don’t feel guilty when you receive it, because there is no lack. There’s so much. Why would you not?

The only time it feels weird and uncomfortable is when you feel undeserving. When you say to yourself and your mind, “I don’t deserve this money. I can’t repay the favor. I’m broke. I’m not good enough to do this. I’m a fraud. I can’t charge for this. They’re going to realize I’m a fake and they’re going to stop paying me. This is going to damage my relationships or my reputation.” When it’s hard to receive money because you don’t feel deserving of it, when you don’t feel deserving and worthy of getting paid, of receiving a gift, when you feel like you owe them something and you showing up at that concert or that event with your friend isn’t enough, your company isn’t enough, you feel like you owe them something. When you feel like when somebody pays you, your services weren’t enough, you owe them more. These are signs that you are feeling undeserving and unworthy. That is going to hinder your success more than anything else in the world. A healthy money mindset isn’t possible without a strong sense of self-worth.

Read chapter one of the Mindset Switch. You can download it on Amazon. You can get a free sample. You can at least read that chapter and you will know why this is so important to me. You’ll know why I talk about this so much and why I incorporate self-worth and esteem work into all of my programs, especially Money Vibes Boot Camp. Self-worth and healthy self-esteem goes hand-in-hand with a healthy money mindset, you have to feel worthy and deserving in order to raise your vibe and feel worthy and deserving of money. You have to feel worthy and deserving at the core of who you are.

PPP 122 | Healthy Money Mindset

Healthy Money Mindset: The more you resist the negative thoughts, the stronger you’ll get and the easier it will be to think of positive thoughts and raise your vibration.

I ask you, are these things showing up in your life? Does money show up? Do freebies show up? Does abundance show up and are you receiving them, or when they show up, does it feel awkward, uncomfortable, and weird? That’s a good sign as to whether you’re open or you’re blocked. If you’re open, it’s showing up everywhere and you’re enjoying these things, way to go. Give yourself a pat on the back. You have a healthy money mindset. If not, I encourage you to go back. Listen to this episode and take notes. Challenge yourself to focus on one area at a time and start working on shifting that one area until you see the change that you desire. Breaking old mindset patterns takes time. It’s a muscle. The more you flex it and resist the negative thoughts, the stronger you’ll get and the easier it will be to think of positive thoughts and raise your vibration to that healthy, magical place where miracles not only happen, but they become a regular occurrence in your life.

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If you need some help, you can check out Money Vibes Bootcamp where I give you all the tools you need to make the shift easy and fun or we can chat about it on Instagram. Tag me with your comments or questions because I would love to hear from you and chat it up a little bit. It is my passion and purpose to help you incorporate this work into your life and business so that you too can realize the success that you so deserve. Until next time, I hope you have an amazing abundant week because you deserve that too. I can’t wait to see you back here on the next episode.

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