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Are you ready to dive into creative visualization? I hope so because I’m sharing with you one of my favorite tools for mindset, transformation and manifestation. That is simply the magical art of daydreaming. It used to be called daydreaming, at least that’s what my teachers called it when I would get in trouble for doing it throughout school and it was a bad thing back then. But let me tell you something: this visualization process, aka daydreaming, has yielded me way more results of my lifetime than any of those math problems ever have. Manifesting your dreams with creative visualization is super easy! By simply imagining the situation in your mind, giving it positive attributes and connecting to it in a way that gets you excited and lifts up your emotional vibe, you are already preparing for a positive outcome. It’s a lot of fun and it works.

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The Magical Art Of Daydreaming: Creative Visualization For Success

It’s powerful.

What is it? I’m going to read you the Wikipedia definition first. Wikipedia says that, “Creative visualization is the cognitive process of purposefully generating visual mental imagery with eyes opened or closed, simulating or recreating visual perception in order to maintain, inspect, and transform those images, consequently modifying their associated emotions or feelings.” What does that even mean? It means in simplified terms that you are creating a visual perception. It’s the way you see the world.

Our mind learns through images; it always has, symbols, images, and it connects the dots for things. When you were a baby and somebody handed you a cup and said, “Cup,” you heard cup so many times in association with the visual symbol or image of a cup that had it started to stick. Your mind was like, “This equals the sound cup.” That’s how you learned language. That’s how you learned what a smile means and that’s how you learned everything as a child. You still do, although you already know so much that you don’t notice it as much anymore, but your brain still operates in that capacity and your brain still learns via visual imagery.

When you give your brain something to work with, it becomes familiar with it. The reason we shy away from growing ourselves, from taking our business to the next level, from challenging ourselves or stepping outside of our comfort is one reason only, and it is fear. It’s fear of the unknown. We’re not sure what’s going to happen or we’re pretty sure that whatever going to happen is going to be painful. It’s going to lead to ridicule, shame, rejection, unacceptance, and we don’t want to feel that way so we stay comfortable.

PPP 117 | Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization: If you want something really amazing to happen in your life, simply imagine it happening over and over again.

We stay exactly where we’re at because the brain is like, “I’m assessing the risk and out there in the unknown, that next thing that you keep thinking about doing, that’s risky. It’s scary and something could go wrong,” but something could also go right and that is where creative visualization comes into play. By simply imagining the situation in your mind and giving it positive attributes and connecting to it in a way that gets you excited and lifts up your emotional vibe, you are preparing for a positive outcome. You’re changing your vibration and your frequency and you are co-creating with the universe to bring that visualization that daydream into your reality.

The cool thing about your mind is that when you imagine something happening in your mind’s eye, your brain does not know whether you are recalling a memory, you’re living it in real time, or you’re imagining in the future. It doesn’t have that capability. Instead it regards it as truth, as real and as having been a part of your experience. If you want something really amazing to happen in your life, simply imagine it happening over and over again. In doing so, connect to the way that that situation leaves you feeling and make sure that that feeling, that response, and that connection that you having to the imagery emotionally is positive. In doing so, you literally can create anything you want. You can manipulate your future and your reality.

Let me give you a few examples

Let’s say in business you are having a difficult time initiating money conversations. Maybe you talk with clients or potential clients and you get really excited about talking to them about how you can help them, and before you know it you’re giving value away and you’re scheduling an appointment and you’re on your way to help them in whatever way that you do, and you realize, “I never had a conversation with them about how much I charge. I never told them how they should be paying me. I never set the expectation.” Now it feels awkward and weird. You’re avoiding money conversations. That’s an easy fix.

Let’s visualize through those. Instead of finding yourself in that situation, instead, you can just visualize yourself having really healthy conversations with your clients. Visualize yourself having a conversation with a stranger.

Visualize the way it’s going to.

What are you saying? What is your client saying? How are you showing up to help them? How does that feel right there, insert money conversation here? It might feel awkward and painful a little bit at first in your mind, but the more you practice it, the easier it’s going to be and the more comfortable you’re going to get with it. Your mind is then going to flip the switch and go, “This is easy. I have money conversations with clients all the time. I’m assertive. I am boss. I am amazing at this.” I’ve practiced and practiced it. I do it all the time and your brain doesn’t know that all those times you were doing it was simple, simply a daydream in your head. It thinks you were really having these conversations, so when the time comes again to do it in real life, you will be prepared. You’ll be ready.

If you are currently struggling with feeling like you are delivering a ton of value and all the times you show up, you do what you do, you deliver and they pay you, but yet somewhere deep down you’re still questioning whether you gave enough or you did enough. Did they love what you did? Do they feel like it was worth it? Do they love you? If that’s still a struggle for you in they’re still a little bit of negative energy around how you show up and deliver, visualize the transaction of getting paid for what you do, but then getting feedback as well. Maybe you’ll visualize them writing you a beautiful thank you card and in your daydream, see yourself opening up this beautiful card. Maybe there’s money in it in the form of payment to you but see yourself reading their kind words. Visualize yourself going onto your Facebook page and seeing the beautiful things that they say about you or seeing that they have recommended you to a friend.

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Visualize conversations that they have about you. When you’re not there like you’re a fly on the wall and you’re just hearing them say nice things about you and refer you to all of their friends. The more you do this, the more you’re going to align yourself with that energy, the energy of love and connection. You’ll start to feel that vibe come back from your clients because chances are if you are not open to it, you’re blocking it even though it’s there right now, but the visualization will help open you up to that beautiful energy.

You can do this for anything. This is how I manifested my house. I’ve manifested clients this way. I’ve manifested money this way. I have manifested people coming into my life this way. All you need to do is have a general idea of what you want and how it’s going to feel, and then all you do from that point is relax because focus is key here. You want to make sure you’re not going to be distracted. Get yourself into a meditative type state, meaning you’re relaxed and you are able to tune into your body. You don’t want to live up in your head here. Even though the visualization will take place in your mind’s eye, you want to be able to emotionally connect to the feelings that this brings about within you and in order to do that, you have to be in somewhat of a meditative state. If you can do that on demand, awesome. If not, you might want to take the time to do three minutes or five minutes of just a progressive relaxation or a quick meditation just to get yourself into a phase. If you’re in that, “I could almost fall asleep right now, but not quite,” then you’re good to go. In that state, simply allow yourself to daydream. You will visualize using your mind’s eye or your third eye. I like to have my eyes closed. It works best for me but do what works best for you. I close my eyes and I look almost to the back of my forehead in between my two eyebrows and I imagine a movie playing on a movie screen, just on the inside of my forehead, if that makes sense.

If that is too close and for some reason that doesn’t work for you, imagine that the movie screen is several inches outside of your body just in front of you, but the same general area in front of your forehead. You might choose to imagine yourself as the main character of your movie or you can imagine that you are watching a movie starring you as the main character and experiment with these different tactics a little bit because you’re going to find one is easier for you than the other. Do what works best for you and then when you feel like you’ve really mastered that tactic, maybe go back and try the other one. If you find that a movie starring you as the main character is easier for you to bring color and beauty into it and it’s easier for you to imagine the details that way, then do that for a while. When you’re ready then try to become the main character and see if it has the same effect.

PPP 117 | Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization: Be aware of the emotions and the vibe and the energy in your daydream.

Whatever works for you, whatever enables you to connect emotionally to the way the visualization makes you feel, that’s what you want to stick with. The important thing there is you paint the details, as much detail as possible, and then tap into the way that you feel. Feel yourself giving love and receiving love. Feel yourself with ease and grace, just flowing through this situation or this scenario. There’s no resistance, there is no negative emotion whatsoever. Pay attention and notice the different emotions that you’re feeling. Be aware of the emotions and the vibe and the energy in your daydream. Be aware of the energy of the people around you, who you are sharing this moment with, and just keep creating it in your mind and every time you do, you’ll be able to add a little bit more detail and intensify the emotion just a little bit.

Over time it’ll get easier. You’ll start to enjoy it more. It’ll take less time to set up and get into the state. You’ll be able to just do it on demand. If you could do it in the shower a couple of minutes every morning to start your day, a couple minutes every night to prep for the next day, you will become a boss at creative visualization and you are going to see how amazing this is for manifesting what it is that you want in your life. It is an awesome tool. It’s just one of many that I teach but it is one of my favorite, which is why I had to share it with you. I challenge you to do this all this week. Pick one topic, one scenario, and visualize that same situation in your mind every day for the next seven days. 


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