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Are you afraid of silence – especially of the awkward sort? Don’t be!

Silence holds so much power over us, over our vibration. If we can find comfort in those pauses and silent moments, then we can learn to embrace them and harness the power that inherently exists. Silence demonstrates confidence in a person. It shows that you were present, and it helps to exude an energy that other people are attracted to, so when you are calm and confident in that type of a situation, it also helps calm the people around you. It tames the anxiety because energy is contagious. People tend to gravitate toward those with high energy or a high vibe – the invisible hallmark of true leaders.

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The Power Of Silence Holds The Key To Success

Have you ever been in a situation socially where there was conversation, free-flowing, and everyone’s having a good time, and then all of a sudden, there was an insanely long pause that felt like it dragged on forever?

We call that awkward silence. You’ve been in those awkward silence situations, but my question is, why do we feel it’s so awkward?

I was in that situation while I was at a wedding. We were catching up, six or seven people in this group in a circle talking and suddenly, awkward silence. Somebody spoke up and said, “This is awkward.” I thought that it was really funny because in that moment, for the first time in my entire life to be honest, I didn’t feel awkward at all. It was really calming and comfortable. I realized in that moment I had hit a milestone. I’m finally comfortable with silence. I finally enjoy it. I love silence by myself. I’m an introvert by nature so I love time alone, but in social situations, I’ve always had that feeling like I need to keep the conversation going. I need to keep people engaged.

That’s probably an empath’s biggest downfall. We feel that awkwardness in other people and we want to make sure that we make them feel comfortable. We are constantly in our head thinking about what we’re going to say next. For me, this was huge. The reason it’s huge is because silence holds so much power over us and over our vibration. When we can find a comfort in those pauses and in those silent moments, when we can learn to embrace them and harness the power that inherently exists, in those moments, we become more in control of our own energy, of our vibration, of our psyche, our mindset. All of these things are entwined together and there’s so much power to be found in silence.

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Why is that? What does silence do? Where is the power?

Silence demonstrates confidence in a person. That’s one way. When you can be in a situation where nobody is talking and you can maintain confidence, control, and poise, and you can be at ease with yourself in that moment, it demonstrates that you’re confident with who you are and that you are comfortable there in this moment. It shows that you are present and it helps to exude an energy that other people are attracted to. When you are calm and confident in that type of situation, it helps to calm the people around you. It tames the anxiety because energy is contagious. People tend to gravitate toward those with high energy or a high vibe. Confidence will do that. It’ll attract people to you. It’ll calm people down. People want to be in your presence. When you can be silent and comfortable with silence, people are like, “What is she about?” There’s a hedge of mystery to you, but there is that pull of confidence.

Silence gives you the power in negotiations. Have you ever heard the phrase or the saying that once you present an offer, you shut up? He who speaks first loses. In our case, she who speaks first. Once you present an offer to somebody else, it is up to you to zip your lips and wait, because, in that silence, contemplation happens. The other person is processing their reaction, their emotion, and their thoughts. They’re processing the number, they’re doing the math, they’re assessing the value, and they are either talking to themselves in or out of it. Most likely, they are trying to find logic in their mind to justify the emotion that they’re feeling. They want to say yes, they feel like it’s a yes; but their head says, “Wait a minute. We want to do some math. We want to find some logic to support your emotion.” Emotion always buys. If you are silent long enough, you are giving their head time to catch up to their heart. You’re giving them the time and space that they need to process.

Again, it takes confidence on your end. It takes a certainty in knowing who you are and how valuable you are. When you jump in and you start slashing your prices or saying, “If it’s too much, I could do this, or we could take this out, or maybe we could do it a different way. If that’s not going to work for you, let me know. I’ll be flexible,” you start to second guess yourself and then they lose confidence in you. When they start to lose confidence in you, they lose trust in you. Silence demonstrates that you are confident in your value, that you know who you are, and it gives you power in times of negotiation. Silence will also give you the opportunity to learn things that you cannot learn when your mouth is going. When you are quiet, you observe things. You notice things that otherwise do not appear to you. You’re able to read body language and attune yourself to the signals and energy of the other person or people around you. You’re able to tune in to the words that are not being spoken and read between the lines.

PPP 118 | Power Of Silence

Power Of Silence: Silence demonstrates that you are confident in your value, that you know who you are, and it gives you power in times of negotiation.

You become attuned to your surroundings and the energy around you and connected. That connects you to a deeper knowing which brings me to intuition. When you are silenced, you connect more deeply to your own intuition, to source, energy, and God’s energy. You can hear the messages that the angels are trying to give to you. You can hear the messages that your guides are trying to give to you. You have help all around you, guiding you on your path, giving you the answers. Whether you believe in God, angels, spirit guides, intuition, source energy, universal energy, or whatever you call it, the answers are there. They’re around you all the time. When you are constantly moving and talking and your mind is going, you drown out those voices, you drown out the signals that are around you, and you miss the signs, the writings on the wall. Big arrows pointing you in the direction of your abundance, your treasure, and your life’s path.

When you are too busy and your head is constantly thinking and you can’t get out of your head, when you can’t shut your mind off, when you can’t shut your mouth, you don’t allow yourself the time to slow down and notice those. Silence offers insane power, but also an incredible gift, helping you to tap into that energy, that intuition, and that all-knowing power. How do you practice getting to this? You do it through just practicing being silent. You can do that through mindfulness work. Just notice yourself in the present. Start off with a minute if that’s all you can do at first. There is no right or wrong. Your mind is going to drift. That happens but bring it back. Just notice the sense, the visions around you, the beauty around you, the smells, the tastes, the way that the air feels on your skin. Engage your senses. Spend time focusing on the present. Go on nature walks or meditative walks.

The first time I encountered a meditation walk, it was with my good friends, Michael and Lindsey McCarthy. We were at a Miracle Morning event and we did this meditative walk around San Diego. I remember I was in a place where I wasn’t meditating at this time and I was not open to this work. I was a little bit rebellious. I’m like, “I’m not walking around San Diego not talking. I’m here to meet people and I want to network and get to know people.” I hung back a little bit. I kept trying to cheat and talk. I was not opening myself up to the power of silence. As a result, I did get to chat up a few people. In the time since then, I have engaged in lots of walks like this where I don’t talk on purpose and I connect with nature and I notice the things around me. The way that I feel after fifteen minutes of this is insane. It totally will change my day and the way that I feel. I’ve noticed in doing this over a period of time consistently, that I am able to connect to that state, that high vibe state, that feeling of connectedness to source, so much easier. It just takes practice and repetition.

Silent walks, meditative walks, mindfulness, spending time in nature, just being without thinking. It’s simple in essence, but difficult to do if you are not used to it so give yourself some grace. Give yourself time. Know that this takes time, consistency, and practice; but you will get there and you will learn to harness the power of silence. To lift your vibe up, to connect you to source, to connect to your intuition, and to elevate your confidence to insane new heights. Give it a try. What can you lose? It cannot hurt.

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