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Have you ever felt like every time you get one step ahead, you end up going 2 steps backward? Like life is controlling you rather than you being the one in control? Like no matter how badly you feel that you want something, you just seem to be unlucky.

If we never determine exactly what we want, we'll probably never get it! Click To Tweet

In order to manifest our dream life, we have to be able to tell the Universe exactly what that dream life looks like. Practicing visualization allows us to get in touch with exactly what we want so that we can start attacting it to us (while also repelling the things we don’t want).

In this video we’ll talk about:

  • What visualization is
  • How visualization works
  • Why it’s easier than you might think
  • Why so many celebrities have attributed this to their own success
  • How you can use this technique to determine exactly what you want out of life
  • How you can use this technique to overcome fear and anxiety

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