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Today we are talking about energy, and specifically, your energy type. Now, we all have so much energy in the day and we have different types of energy. A habit that so many of us get into is spending too much of our time or focusing too much on one type of energy. It tends to be our dominant energy type – the energy which we are most connected to and we enjoy doing activities in that particular area that uses up that kind of energy. So we gravitate there and we avoid or put off activities in other categories that require us to use a different type of energy. We end up burning ourselves out.

You know what they say? “Everything in moderation is a good thing, it leads to balance, but too much of a good thing is toxic.” That definitely applies when it comes to energy. So let’s talk about the four types of energy.

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There is focused energy, social energy, physical energy, and restful energy, and in order to maintain high levels of energy in all of these areas, we have to give them each a little bit of attention and love and incorporate them into our day. And when we neglect all of these areas and focus too much attention one over the other, we can end up totally drained.

Focused Energy

Now let me explain. If you are a focused energy-type of person it means that you enjoy activities that require you to think. You enjoy creative activities. You like a challenge. You’re likely observant, you like to sit back, watch what’s going on, process the information, and consider all your options before making a decision. And you especially love the way that it feels when you finish up a project and you’re able to stand back and look at your work and go, “Yes, I did that.” You kind of take a moment to admire it, to feel proud of yourself, and then, before you know it, you’re on to the next creative endeavor.

This gives you an internal reward where you’re able to build your own internal self-esteem with that pride and that admiration of what it is that you’ve accomplished, and this type of energy aligns you with your higher purpose. You likely deal with stress by spending time alone.

Social Energy

The second type of energy is social energy. We often refer to this as extroverted energy, outgoing energy. If this is your dominant energy type, you really enjoy being around people. You value relationships, you think that they’re really important, and you like to invest in them. You tend to be helpful, loving, you like making other people happy, you really enjoy being in the energy of a crowd, or in social situations where there is a decent number of people, and connecting to other people helps you to sort your own internal confusion and chaos.

When you are feeling stressed you likely reach out to a friend and you talk about what it is that’s on your mind. The benefit to this type of energy is that it builds and strengthens your social support groups and the relationships that you have with the people in your inner circle.

Physical Energy

The third type of energy is physical energy. This is moving energy where, if you are a physical person and this is a dominant energy type for you, you likely cannot sit still. It drives you crazy to sit, like after surgery or when you’re sick, it is absolute torture for you because all you want to do is get up and get moving. You’re high energy, you like to constantly be doing something with your hands or moving your feet. You get into physical projects and you like a physical challenge.

When you experience stress, you likely turn to activities that completely take your focus and your attention and keep your body busy. You might clean the house, exercise, or paint your den for the twelfth time. The benefit of this kind of energy is that it gets energy moving throughout your physical body as well as your spiritual or energetic body. It helps you to balance things out and keep your heart rate up, and moving your physical body and using up this type of energy can have the added benefits of reducing stress and being highly meditative.

Restful Energy

Now the fourth type of energy is restful energy. I like to refer to this as the time that you spend refueling or recharging. If this is your dominant energy type, you spend a lot of time doing nothing. This could sometimes have a negative label such as “laziness” or “non-motivated people”, but truth is, this is the time that we really do shut the world off, tune in to our inner selves, our higher selves. This is the time that we allow ourselves to relax and rebuild our energy stores, rebuild the cells in our body.

We are able, at this point, to breathe in the energy of the universe, connect to nature, to spirit, to the energy of the world around us. This is the energy that allows us all to recharge our batteries, so this is also something we all need. The benefit is clarity, calmness, and happiness.

Avoiding Energy Burn Out

Now the question that I ask you is, which of these energy types did you relate to most? Was there one that stood out heavily to you? We all have all of these types of energy and we use all of these types of energy throughout the day, and if we’re pretty balanced we’re using a little bit in each category at different times throughout the day. As a result, certain activities are helping us to recharge and refuel and energize us, but here’s the catch. If we are spending too much time in one category we burn out our stores, our fuel for that type of energy, and we end up feeling exhausted and burnt out.

For instance, let’s take that focused energy. If you spend an entire day really involved in something that requires you to think, let’s say you have a desk job and you’re spending 10 hours sitting at that desk trying to solve problems, figure things out, maybe use up your creative juices, at what point do you finally just say, “My brain hurts. I can’t do this anymore.” You have run out of focused energy. It’s time to change tasks and do something different. So, at that point, you would then switch over and so something that is social or physical or restful in recharging.

Likewise, you only have so much physical energy. You can’t wake up in the morning and start running and Forrest Gump it all day long. Or, you are physically moving non-stop, non-stop. By the end of the day, your body will be physically exhausted and you’ll likely be sore for several days after. You’ve been there, right? And this is the trap that most of us fall into when we are in a place in life where we are feeling disconnected, alone, unbalanced, burnt out, frustrated, irritated, easily triggered. And the reason is, is because we have been neglecting certain areas of our lives. We have been ignoring the fact that we have four energy types that need to be nurtured, and we have been burning the candle at both ends, or burning out our energy in one particular area for way too long.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “I don’t have time. I just can’t … I don’t have time for balance. There’s too much going on and I have to work and I have to take care of my family and …” All the things, right? I know, I know. Me too. I’ve heard it before, and really, it’s all just a mindset game.

These excuses are things we tell ourselves so that we can avoid doing things that make us uncomfortable, doing things that make us think. “Oh my gosh, I have to spend time with friends, that means I have to go find friends,” or, “I have to schedule a coffee date or call them and that just takes time and effort and energy.” I know it does. I know it. But it is so worth it, because this will give you back what you need most of in life.

Which Energy is Lacking?

So take a moment and assess which of these is lacking in your life. You may already know, but if you don’t, here’s some questions. What is it that you are wishing you had more of? Is it confidence, self-esteem? In which case, you may not be investing in creatively using your focus energy. Do something that you enjoy doing, it gets you in that state of flow that makes you feel good, and that will help you get your confidence back. It will help you boost your self-esteem.

Are you creating love, connection in relationships? Do you feel disconnected? Do you feel alone? Do you feel like sometimes there’s nobody to talk to? If the answer is yes, you’ve probably been neglecting the social aspect of your life, in which case it’s time to reconnect with that long-lost BFF. Or maybe start exploring ways to meet new people that have similar values or ideals in which you can really have a genuine authentic conversation about things you have in common.

If you’re feeling tired, if your body is aching from a lack of movement and, ladies, you know exactly what I’m talking about, it’s time to get physical, physical. Sorry, couldn’t help it. It’s legit time to move your body. The more energy you use physically, the more your body will produce up to a certain point, so if you haven’t been moving your body physically, that could be the very reason why you’re feeling a little bit lethargic. Get up, get moving, even if it’s just a little bit, and it will help you tap into this energy store and it will bring it all to the surface so that you have more physical energy to get through your day.

Lastly, if you are feeling lack of clarity, you’re feeling lost, there’s just not enough peace in your life, you’re really scattered and torn and uncertain and doubtful, or you’re feeling insecure, depressed, anxious, there’s a good chance that you’ve been neglecting rest. You have not been giving yourself the time to recharge and take care of you. Concentrate on what it is that you need. That might be reconnecting to nature, taking a walk, reading a book, taking a bath. Meditating is a really, really, really, really great way to recharge your energy. Deep breathing is another really great way. To just stop, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, and ground yourself in the moment, and replenish. Just allow yourself a moment to just be.

Now, recharging your batteries and really tapping into that restful energy is something that we all neglect. We’re all guilty of this. It’s one of the easiest things to do. It takes the least amount of time and yet it’s the one thing we let go and we ignore.

I have a challenge for you. Stop doing that. Make this a priority for the next seven days and see how your energy shifts in all the other areas. And then, give the area that needs your attention, the attention it deserves. And watch how you start to feel more balanced, feel more in control of your life, and feel more at ease with the world around you. These are the subtle shifts in energy that make the big differences.

If this is helpful for you and you want more tips to help you realign your energy, tap into the manifesting power of the love attraction, reset your mindset and release negative emotion, join my tribe.

I know you’ve got this. In seven days you’re going to feel so much better. You’re going to come back here, listen to the next episode of the Raise Your Vibe podcast, you’ll be like, “I feel so good,” you’re going to want to email me, and I cannot wait to get that email to hear how it is that you are taking action to shift and balance your energy.

So, until next time, have an amazing, abundant week, because you deserve it.

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